Man arrested for threatening to kill Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

James Dale Reed, a 42-year-old Maryland resident, was arrested and indicted for threatening, in a letter, a voter of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, as well as the two candidates.

With less than two weeks before the election, the Secret Service is taking all precautions. Maryland resident James Dale Reed was arrested and indicted on Wednesday for threats against a presidential or vice-presidential candidate. An accusation that can earn him up to 5 years in prison. After initially denying responsibility, the suspect confessed, confronted by physical evidence, including the presence of his fingerprints and handwriting analysis. The Hill specifies that he was already known to the Secret Service to have threatened, in 2014, a person under their protection.

Recognized on a surveillance camera

The 42-year-old man filed a letter on Theresa Posthuma's doorstep in early October, threatening to attack her but also the two Democrats. The resident of Frederick had been targeted because she had posted a sign of support for Joe Biden in her garden. “This is a warning to anyone reading this letter, if you are a Biden / Harris supporter you will be targeted. We have a list of homes and addresses thanks to your election posters. We are the ones with the threatening weapons, we are the ones your children have nightmares about ... ”, wrote the forty-something, before recounting how he planned to capture Joe Biden and Kamala Harris before executing them live on television, threatening to beat the first to death and to rape the second.

James Dale Reed was identified thanks to an anonymous testimony, after being recognized on a surveillance camera installed in front of the Posthuma family home. “We took it seriously, hoping nothing happened but you never know. The person was saying they were armed, so it was worrying, ”Mark Posthuma told WJZ. The Maryland prosecutor confirmed that he took the case seriously: "Such threats of violence are illegal and have no place in our democracy, and we will hold those who utter them accountable."

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