Going off the road soon for Trump and the Republicans?

A tidal wave victory for Joe Biden and the Democrats in the Nov. 3 election 'is possible,' the Washington Examiner warns. Everything that worked for Trump in 2016 has gone wrong this year, according to this conservative weekly.

“The US presidential campaign is entering its home stretch, and things are not looking good for Donald Trump.” The worst thing for the American president is that it is the Washington Examiner, a medium which is usually favorable to him, which makes this observation.

Joe Biden is indeed credited with a clear lead in the polls, and the conservative weekly points out that, in undecided states, those in which the presidential election tilts most often, the signals are green for the Democratic candidate:

    "Trump is just as likely to lose Arizona, Georgia or even Texas [three Republican states] as he is again to win Pennsylvania or Wisconsin or Michigan [which are undecided states]."

For the Washington Examiner, a victory for Biden in the form of a "tidal wave" is "by no means guaranteed", but "it is possible". And the question of "getting off the road" for Trump and the Republicans, featured in the weekly's front page, is worth asking.

The fight against Covid-19, a priority for voters

If the US president’s camp is there, it is because “everything that worked well for Trump in 2016 has gone wrong this year,” adds the Washington Examiner. While Trump was counting on using urban violence linked to the racial justice protests to hammer home his message on law and order, the Covid-19 notably "came back with force on the list of priorities for many voters."

“In 2016, Trump won three Midwestern states with 77,000 more votes [than Hillary Clinton],” said Democratic consultant Spencer Critchley, quoted by the weekly. His victory was therefore “held by a thread”, and it seems difficult for this scenario to repeat itself this year. In short, warns the Washington Examiner, if you like to bet, betting on Trump's re-election seems “risky”.

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