Asked about separated families at the border, Donald Trump blames Joe Biden

Asked, during the last debate, about the untraceable parents of 545 children separated from their families after crossing the border, Donald Trump blamed his predecessor.

Two days after the revelation of NBC News on the untraceable parents of 545 children from whom they were separated after crossing the border, Donald Trump accuses ... Barack Obama. The US president was questioned on the subject Thursday evening, during the second and final debate between him and Joe Biden. He began by praising the more than 640 kilometers of wall built along the border between the United States and Mexico, before recalling that the Obama administration had, in 2014, built the detention centers where the children were. placed, sometimes locked in cages. "Who built the cages, Joe?" Tell who built the cages, ”he said over and over, assuring that“ the children are brought into the country by smugglers and cartels ”.

But the situation was not the same: in 2014, the Obama administration had been confronted with numerous arrivals of children alone, while children separated at the border in 2017 and 2018 were indeed accompanied by their parents. “The parents… Their children were torn from their arms, they were separated. And now they can't find more than 500 of these parents. And these children are alone. They have nowhere to go, nowhere to go. It's criminal, ”accused the former vice-president. “More than 500 children came with their parents. They were separated at the border to dissuade them from returning. Really, very hard. We are very tough, ”he added. “They were separated from their parents. And that makes us the laughing stock of the world! And that goes against everything we are as a nation. ”

"They are in premises that were so clean", greets Trump

Confronted by journalist Kristen Welker on the Obama administration's immigration failures, Joe Biden admitted mistakes: “It took us too long. In 100 days, I will send Congress a document, he promised if I win. Dreamers will be able to stay in the country. […] Imagine being 5 years old and crossing the Rio Grande. ” "We owe them," he continued, citing the example of those on the front lines in the fight against the coronavirus. "They didn't do anything except build the cages to put the children in," Trump said. The latter also defended the living conditions of children, whose images shocked across the country. “We take care of them so well. They are in premises that were so clean, ”he said.

Of the 2,800 families arrested after illegally crossing the Mexican border under Trump administration policy, more than 1,000 have been separated from their children. Of the 545 children whose parents cannot be found, about sixty were under 5 at the time of separation. Of these same 545 children, 362 cannot be found because the information provided by their guardians is no longer up to date.

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