'Dangerous', 'crazy', 'sociopath' ... Dive into the heart of Donald Trump's world with M6

Less than ten days before the US presidential election, 'Exclusive Investigation' offers a dive into 'The World According to Trump', a documentary aired Sunday, October 25 at 11:10 p.m. on M6. An oppressive revisit of the first (and last?) Term of the 45th American president.

"Dangerous", "crazy", "sociopath" ... If you haven't guessed yet, those words characterize US President Donald Trump, even from some of his former advisers. A little over a week before the American presidential election (on the night of November 3-4 in France), "Enquête exclusive" offers you an oppressive revisit of the first (and last?) Term of the 45th American president under the the prism of the coronavirus.

"The World According to Trump", broadcast Sunday, October 25 at 11:10 p.m. on M6, paints an uncompromising portrait of the real estate mogul who became the leader of one of the world's leading powers. A controversial figure in his own country and around the world, who by the way is nothing pleasant.

To do this, the director William Karel, a regular in documentaries on American politics, brought together great figures of Donald Trump's mandate: John Bolton, ex-national security adviser, Anthony Scaramucci, ex-director of communication of the White House, journalists personally attacked by Trump, but also some of his supporters, including an evangelical pastor.

"The pandemic is not the worst. The worst is yet to come"

What did his tenure look like? Well, he's just like his handling of the coronavirus crisis: erratic. Aggressive tweets, false information, attacks on the media, refusal to listen to his advisers ... In short, Donald Trump in the text.

Why did this global epidemic take on so much importance in the billionaire's re-election? Because she could sign her political loss. Before that, according to American journalists, he had every chance. But now, the coronavirus has killed nearly 220,000 people in the United States and put millions of people out of work. The first victims? The minorities. The Covid-19 has exploded social inequalities. And this tension has crystallized in recent months with the movement "Black Lives Matter" ("Black lives matter", a movement in response to the death of George Floyd).

"The pandemic is not the worst. The worst is yet to come," said a journalist interviewed in the documentary by William Karel, which does not exclude the possibility of a civil war.

After more than an hour of documentary, the votes against Donald Trump are in the majority. They come from big names in American politics, former collaborators of the president, psychologists. And these voices are scary. What will happen if the billionaire is re-elected for four more years? Anthony Scaramucci prefers not to think about it: "We have to bar his way". Beginning of response on November 3. So much pressure for his Democratic rival Joe Biden ...

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