Barack Obama attacks Donald Trump, 'unable to take his post seriously'

Former President Barack Obama on Wednesday, October 21 called on Democrats not to be complacent and to mobilize en masse to allow Joe Biden to win against Donald Trump.

"We have 13 days until the most important election of our life." It is with solemnity that Barack Obama spoke on Wednesday, October 21 during a meeting in Philadelphia. A meeting that allowed the former president to resume service, determined to support Joe Biden in his duel against Donald Trump.

In front of voters installed in their car, health crisis requires, the former president had a message to send. Do not believe that the election is already won because the polls are favorable. "I'm not interested in the polls," he added, recalling that they were in favor of Hillary Clinton in 2016 before her surprise defeat. "A lot of people stayed at home, were lazy and complacent," he said. "Not this time! Not in this election!", He hammered.

"Tweeting while watching TV does not solve problems"- Barack Obama

Unsurprisingly, Barack Obama has fired red balls on the current resident of the White House. “It's not reality TV, it's reality!” He said. “And we have to live with the consequences of (Donald Trump), who has shown himself unable to take his job seriously.” “Tweeting while watching TV does not solve problems,” he added, criticizing the attitude of the Republican president. "Our democracy will not be able to work if the people who are supposed to be our leaders lie every day and make up a lot of things," he said, warning against the risk of addiction. “With Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, you won't have to worry about the crazy things they say every day,” he said. "It won't be that exhausting."

Very discreet since his speech at the Democratic convention in August, Barack Obama has decided to invest in the home stretch of the campaign. After Philadelphia, it will be Saturday, October 24 in Florida. A former president on the front line to support a candidate who cultivates his discretion: for the third day in a row, Joe Biden had nothing on his public program on Wednesday. The Republican President, he continued to crisscross the United States, on the eve of the last highly anticipated debate between the two candidates. "All [Biden] does is stay home," the Republican billionaire quipped on stage in Erie, Pa. He took a “five-day” break, he exaggerated in front of hilarious supporters.

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