In a speech, Donald Trump mentions "Prime Minister Macron"

The US president made a mistake on Saturday by demoting his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron to the rank of "Prime Minister".

Donald Trump, who regularly pokes fun at the supposed blunders of his rival Joe Biden, also got his feet wet on Saturday. At a campaign rally in the state of Michigan, the US president, campaigning for re-election, demoted his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron to the rank of "prime minister."

Donald Trump made the mistake of highlighting the accomplishments of his tenure. After discussing the old free trade agreement with Canada and Mexico, since renegotiated by him, he then gave his opinion on the Paris climate agreement, from which the United States withdrew after its election in 2016.

"I like Prime Minister Macron very much"

"You know what I also stopped? The Paris environmental agreement. I really like Prime Minister Macron but I asked him how the agreement was progressing, they are not really getting there," said declared the Republican candidate. "I saved you billions of dollars, no one else would. I said it was a disaster, they basically wanted to take our wealth," he added.

The US president and his French counterpart formed a close relationship soon after Emmanuel Macron’s election, before relations between the two men deteriorated significantly. Donald Trump is currently holding meetings in several key states in an attempt to catch up in the polls on his Democratic competitor, Joe Biden, less than three weeks before the US presidential elections.

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