Caroline Giuliani, daughter of Trump's lawyer, calls for vote Biden

His father Rudy Giuliani is a loyal supporter of the president, but Caroline Giuliani calls for votes for Joe Biden, Donald Trump's Democratic opponent.

The Trump presidency has wreaked havoc on families. After the fracture within the family of Kellyanne Conway, long close advisor to the president, it is another faithful of the billionaire who sees a member of his family commit against his own convictions: Rudy Giuliani, 76, ex -mayor of New York, lawyer and staunch defender of Donald Trump. In a text published by “Vanity Fair” Thursday, his daughter Caroline Rose Giuliani calls for votes for Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate. Born in 1989, Andrew's little sister, the thirty-something does not wear gloves: "Rudy Giuliani is my father: please, everyone, vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris", proclaims the title of the article.

Caroline Giuliani has long been the hot springs of the New York press. In 2010, she was arrested for stealing more than $ 100 worth of makeup from a Sephora, reported the "New York Times". His political differences with his famous father were not unknown. In 2007, when the former mayor was a well-placed candidate for the 2008 Republican primaries, she was pinned for following a Facebook page of support for a certain Barack Obama, Democratic senator and also candidate for the primaries of his left. In 2016, Rudy Giuliani's daughter gave her support to Hillary Clinton.

Rudy Giuliani walked away from his children after his third marriage, in 2003. Andrew and Caroline, who had appeared in several spots during their father's campaigns for mayor of New York, then distanced themselves, while, noted in the Times at the time, the politician was starting to give them less time.

"Corruption starts with the blessed yes yes"

In "Vanity Fair", Caroline Giuliani remembers her childhood and difficult discussions with her father. "From the age of 12, I would argue with my father from time to time, probably before I was emotionally prepared to face such carnage," she writes. “Even though he was considered moderate on social issues for a Republican at the time, we often objected. When I tried to explain to him my belief that having gay friends is not enough to make you a benefactor of the LGBTQ + community, I remember precisely that he was fighting back with an intensity that would have been more appropriate for him. of a political opponent than to address a child, ”continues Caroline Giuliani. “To be clear, I'm not sharing this anecdote to complain or criticize. I had an extremely privileged childhood and am grateful for everything I received, including life lessons and complicated experiences like these. This is to illustrate one of the many reasons why I have a complicated relationship with politics, like many of us, ”says the young woman.

“One thing I've learned from being the daughter of a divisive mayor who has become the president's personal bulldog is that corruption starts with the blessed-yes-yes buddies who create a bubble of lies and submission to stay close to power ”, writes Caroline Giuliani. “What inspires me the most about Vice President Biden is that he's not afraid to surround himself with people who disagree with him,” she then notes. “We are only standing on the edge of the precipice with a slippery finger, and the fall will be fatal. If we back down from the fight, our country will dive. Otherwise, we can hang on, elect an honest and compassionate president, and gradually get back on the ledge, ”she concludes.

The publication of this column comes as Rudy Giuliani is maneuvering to encourage the dissemination, via the conservative daily "New York Post", of information of suspicious origin relating to Joe Biden's son, Hunter, accused by Trump and his allies for implicating his father in corrupt practices in Ukraine. Pounded for years, these accusations had never been seriously substantiated until now. The elements presented by the "Post", however, contain many gray areas, which the "Washington Post" pointed out on Wednesday.

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