$432 million in bank: Biden campaign succeeds in fundraising

Joe Biden's campaign multiplies the success of fundraising.

With less than three weeks to go, Democrats are thrilled. Joe Biden's campaign announced that it had raised $ 383 million in September alone, giving them $ 432 million upfront before the poll, said Joe Biden's campaign manager Jen O. 'Malley Dillon, on Twitter. During the month of August, already record, the campaign team had claimed 365 million dollars raised, against 210 million for Donald Trump's campaign - the latter has not yet revealed its figures for the month of September. Politico reports that donations for Joe Biden's campaign were boosted by his choice of running mate to Kamala Harris, allowing for a boost in donations among a younger audience.

Another important date in fundraising: the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Knowing the importance of the probable appointment of a new conservative judge (Amy Coney Barrett, appointed by Donald Trump a week after the death of the famous magistrate), the donors were numerous: in a few days, 100 million dollars were raised through ActBlue, the Democratic Party's online donation platform - a total of $ 300 million for all Democratic candidates across the country. Finally, a third element explaining these records: the debate against Donald Trump, on September 29.

Enthusiasm grows for Democratic candidates in Republican strongholds

Money is the lifeblood of electoral campaigns in the United States and records are broken for local elections as well. In South Carolina, where the polls give Trump-friendly Republican Lindsey Graham in trouble, his Democratic opponent Jaime Harrison raised $ 86 million for his senatorial campaign, including $ 57 million for the last quarter. The previous record was held by Beto O'Rourke, a Democrat who narrowly missed the post of senator from Texas in 2018, and who raised $ 38 million in one quarter, recalls CNN.

Enthusiasm for Democratic candidates in Republican-leaning states is also being confirmed in North Carolina, where Cal Cunningham, a Senate candidate against incumbent Republican Thom Tillis, raised $ 28 million in one quarter. In Iowa, the candidacy of Theresa Greenfield against outgoing Republican Senator Joni Ernst pleases voters: she raised $ 28.7 million over the same period. This explains the eagerness of Republican senators to validate the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett: their majority in the Senate could change on November 3. The interest in this election is not reflected only in fundraising: three weeks before the election, more than 15 million people have already voted in the United States.

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