Two weeks before the presidential election, Donald Trump's Air Force One boycotted by the press: "Never seen!"

Several American media have decided to no longer follow Donald Trump during his travels aboard Air Force One. In question ? Wearing a mask, not respected by the president and his entourage. The explanations of Laurence Haïm.

"Donald Trump visited the Air Force One press room, and spoke for about 10 minutes without a mask." On Wednesday evening, Jennifer Jacobs, White House correspondent for Bloomberg, shared on Twitter the atmosphere on board the presidential plane. A plane on which Donald Trump and his team do not always wear the mask. An attitude inconceivable for several media, which decided to boycott it, as Laurence Haïm explains to us.

Since he was declared negative for Covid-19, Donald Trump has returned to meetings. Why is this a problem for journalists who follow him?

There is a boycott of the American press. Since Trump was released from the hospital, several people around him do not wear masks. The Washington Post, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Politico, the Huffington Post or Buzzfeed ... Seven major American media have decided to no longer travel with Donald Trump, considering that their journalists are no longer safe in relation to them. virus. There is therefore room on the Air Force One plane, two weeks before the end of the presidential election. Never seen. The famous White House pool, permanently made up of 13 journalists who take turns traveling, is exploding because of the health crisis. American media in the pool consider journalists to be unprotected.

Is this a first?

Before Donald Trump's hospitalization, there had been a boycott of American channels (CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS) which, at a meeting, had refused to let their reporter enter a meeting in Nevada, believing that they were in danger because there were too many people without a mask.

"Donald Trump can campaign without journalists"

Can this have an impact on the last days of the campaign?

No impact. Not in the days of social media, or with Americans going to Trump meetings. There is such hatred on the part of his activists towards the mainstream media that they will say that these are people who are scared, "look at our president, he is much better". In Trump's America, this will have no impact. In "the other" America, I think it says something incredible: journalists refuse to follow a candidate president because of the pandemic. It's worrying.

Can Donald Trump campaign without journalists?

Yes, besides he already does. He uses journalists to do the "wrestling fight". Since he has been in politics, journalists have been whistled at his request during meetings. He keeps saying "fake news", "they're talking nonsense". We see that communication is done mainly with his provocative tweets, then the news channels pick them up.

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