Joe Biden mocked for taking his mask down and… coughing into his hand

US presidential candidate Joe Biden was severely mocked on social media after the publication of an amazing video… The Democratic presidential candidate is seen lowering his mask… to cough into his hand!

The Republicans did not miss it ... This Saturday, October 10, 2020, Joe Biden suffered a lot of mockery on Twitter after the publication by a member of the Republican National Committee of a video showing the Democratic candidate in full speech. We see Joe Biden making a double violation of the health rules against the coronavirus: he coughed in his hand after removing his mask. However, to fight against the spread of the virus, the basic health rules are not to touch your mask and not to lower it during a coughing fit or sneezing. A non-respect of barrier gestures on the part of Joe Biden, that the Republicans severely made him pay! It must be said that Donal Trump, who tested positive for Covid-19, had also been criticized for his laxity in respecting barrier gestures ... The members of the Trump clan therefore hastened to make these criticisms to the Democratic candidate!
Critics' selection

This Saturday, we were therefore able to observe many tweets mocking Joe Biden: “It cannot be invented. Joe Biden took off his mask to cough into his hand. We can talk to us about unhealthy afterwards ... ”, tweeted Steve Guest, member of the Republican National Committee. Among the many responses to his tweet, one could read: "Joe Biden called President Trump 'reckless' as he coughs in his hand and coughs in a mask that only slides down his face," he said. commented journalist Jenn Pellegrino, of the conservative American channel OANN, clearly pro-Trump oriented. "Exactly, and he's still touching her face!" It's dirty ! Our hands are the main diffuser of germs! »Replied a user. For its part, the Fox News channel wished to recall that this is not the first time that Joe Biden has been pinned on respect for barrier gestures: during an interview on CNN last March, the Democratic candidate was made resume while he coughed in his point and not in his elbow.


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