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Jason Momoa lives after hitting a motorcyclist head-on

On a winding road near Los Angeles over the weekend, actor Jason Momoa hit a motorcyclist head-on. No one was seriously hurt, a report said Sunday.

The accident happened when the motorcyclist crossed into the "Aquaman" and "Game of Thrones" star's lane and hit the front left side of his Oldsmobile, TMZ said.

After the crash happened, TMZ got video of the scene, and sure enough, you can see Jason walking back to his car as paramedics help the motorcyclist behind him.

Check out the video, which was taken by a biker who happened to have a camera on his or her bike, and you'll see that it was a pretty serious scene, or at least that it was treated like one by the number of people who came to help.

Jason looks fine, which fits with what we were told about what happened here. There is no sign of the hurt rider, but their bike and gear are on the side of the road. And just to be sure, there are pictures of the front and back of the whole thing.

Jason Momoa survives a car accident

According to the report, the biker got minor injuries when he hit Momoa's windshield and rolled over the car. TMZ said that Momoa, who is 42, was not hurt.

In this case, no charges were brought.

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