Jason Momoa's Hottest Moments Over the Years: Photos

Jason Momoa has been turning heads for years with his hot looks and killer smile — see the photos

Hawaiian hottie! Jason Momoa has been turning heads with his killer bod from the moment he broke onto the acting scene in 1999 with a role on Baywatch.

His handsome face, however, got him noticed well before that, during his modeling days.

The Aquaman star even earned the titled of Us Weekly’s Hottest Hunk in Hollywood in 2019. He beat out Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, John Krasinski and more to take home the crown.

The same year, the Game of Thrones alum was named GQ Man of the Year and when asked by GQ Australia about the honor, he said, “I’m stoked, aloha brother.”

When it comes to how one becomes more like the sexy star, Momoa — who has rocked everything from a clean-cut look to a goatee over the years — has a few ideas.

“The biggest thing for me is I’m searching, and I’m honest with myself,” the See actor told the outlet in December 2019. “I get really happy and stoked about stuff, I just go for it, and I’m not afraid to say that. Maybe that’s an attractive thing – the guys I love and follow are like that, they’re doers, everyone from a musical friend to someone who’s an outdoorsman.”

The Hawaii native added: “It’s important to be funny too and in touch with your feminine and masculine side. I just feel like it’s OK to be a man, it’s OK to be a sensitive man, it’s OK to be a strong man. That way, slowly you come into it all.”

Months after presenting at the Oscars with the actor in February 2019, Helen Mirren revealed on The Talk that she has been a fan of the actor’s looks for years.

“I had secretly sort of done something really rather uncool on an airplane,” Mirren said on the talk show in October 2019. “Jason was on the same [plane]. I didn’t know him at all at that point. He was with his beautiful wife [Lisa Bonet] and my heart just went … I was with my husband, but my heart just went, ‘Oh my god, that is just the most beautiful man I have ever seen in my life.’”

She added: “I was sort of floored by it. So, I secretly got out my camera ― it’s terrible ― and secretly took a photo of him. Oh my god, he was so gorgeous. When they said, ‘Would you like to present with Jason?’ I thought, ‘My dream has come true.’”

After appearing on the cover of Men’s Health in 2014, the Stargate: Atlantis alum earned the adoration of Betty White as well.

“Whoa,” White told Conan O’Brien after seeing the cover of Momoa. “I’m getting better,” she added after being asked how she was feeling after looking at the hot photo.

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