In a viral video, a woman climbs into a McDonald's drive-thru to cook her own food

People will sometimes do just about anything to get burgers and fries.

In a now-famous TikTok video, a woman climbed through a McDonald's drive-thru window to get to the kitchen and cook her own food.

The clip posted by @greergreer said that the fast-food workers couldn't take any more orders because they were out of gloves and it wasn't safe.

So she could make her own order, she asked the manager for permission to start her "first day of training."

Since then, almost 682,000 people have watched it and over 120,000 people have liked it.

“Lady climbs thru McDonald’s window because we’re not taking anymore orders CAUSE we have no gloves,” the caption said.

The clip then transitions to her entering the kitchen, complete with an outfit consisting of a dress and heels, as she gets excited to learn the restaurant chain’s process.

Three screenshots from a TikTok
A woman took matters into her own hands and demanded to cook her own food at a McDonald’s drive-thru.
TikTok/ greergreer
A screenshot from TikTok
No one tried to stop the woman once she entered the kitchen.
TikTok/ greergreer

Most of the workers in the background are trying not to laugh at how determined the woman is to get to McDonald's.

But there was no video of her cooking, so people are hoping she got what she wanted.

Someone asked, "So did she get her miccy Ds or what?"

Others were glad that fast food workers and customers could finally talk to each other in a nice way. In the past, a customer at McDonald's was so rude that an employee had to ask him to leave the drive-thru.

"Finally, everyone is laughing and no one is fighting. It's nice to see people being calm and cool. We all need to be more understanding more often," said someone else.

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