Carlos Santana passes out on stage during a show in Michigan

Carlos Santana passed out on stage during a show in Michigan on Tuesday night. It was a scary scene, and he waved to his fans as he was taken away on a stretcher.

Pictures from WJBK-TV show that when Santana, 74, passed out on stage at the Pine Knob Music Theatre in Clarkston, he was surrounded by his crew and medical staff.

Someone on stage reportedly asked the crowd to pray for the famous Latin rock guitarist because of a "serious medical issue."

The "Smooth" singer was then taken off stage on a stretcher, and a video posted to Twitter showed that he was waving to the crowd as crew members tried to block the transport with a black sheet.

Santana had heat exhaustion and was dehydrated, but a representative for the rock star told TMZ that he was "doing well" later Tuesday night.

He sat down in front of the drums early in his set because he felt dizzy, and then he fell backwards.

His website says that since March 25, Santana has played 32 shows.

Variety says that in December, he had a "unplanned heart procedure" that kept him off the road for a while.

Carlos Santana
Carlos Santana was surrounded by crew members and medical personnel after passing out.
Getty Images/Daniel Knighton

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