Biden was so preoccupied with the Ukraine conflict that he missed Putin's progress in other important places

Never before in American presidential history has there been an administration as inept and ignorant as the Biden administration.

Biden doesn't appear to understand simple sentences, let alone the concept of knowing sophisticated geopolitics, at his age and intellect. His top three men, Defence Secretary Llyod Austin, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, haven't shown themselves to be masters of the game. And now, even as they focus entirely on Ukraine, the Biden administration is being checked by Putin.

Africa's military deals

President Vladimir Putin of Russia is on a safari in Africa. Russia and Cameroon have inked a military pact for the exchange of intelligence and personnel exchanges right in the heart of the Ukraine offensive. Such agreements have grown commonplace on the continent, with roughly 20 countries participating.

Even as Joe Biden tried to persuade the world to boycott Putin, the Russia-Cameroon agreement was struck last month. But it's not as if Cameroon is an outlier. In Africa, Russia has been able to extend its military, commercial, and geopolitical presence.

Biden and Putin Phone Call: Last-Ditch Talks on Russia-Ukraine Invasion Threat
Source- Business Insider

Take Mali, for example. Since France's decision to leave the war-torn country, Russia has provided it with weaponry, military vehicles, and hundreds of Russian military instructors from the Wagner Group, a private Russian military organization.
Putin enjoys a safari in Africa.

And it's not like Biden wasn't expecting it. Russia has been able to farm a large presence in countries like Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Mali by changing administrations in some and supporting vulnerable regimes in others. Meanwhile, Russia maintains a substantial presence in Libya.

When a resolution condemning Russia's invasion of Ukraine was presented to the UN General Assembly, a third of African countries chose to abstain. This proved that Putin was indeed on an African safari.

He is now tightening the screws.

Putin's checkmate and Biden's echo chamber

The issue with Biden is that he is placing all of his assets in Ukraine. The man lives in a left-liberal media echo chamber where all he hears is about Ukraine and Putin's invasion of the European country.

So he doesn't seem to mind if Africa is slipping away from him. That is beyond his comprehension. He's inundated with terrifying conspiracy theories and odd forecasts like a Russian regime change or Putin's unexplained illness. He truly believes that Ukraine is a watershed point in US-Russia rivalry, and that by putting enough pressure, he can overturn Putin's government.

Biden, Putin to hold video call: 6 key US-Russia summits since WWII
Source- USA Today

On the other hand, Ukraine isn't even on Putin's priority list. Ukraine is on Russia's geopolitical radar just as much as Syria, Libya, or a resource-rich African country.

Putin is well aware that, despite the delusory assertions in the Western media, he has the ability to seize control of Ukraine at any time. It isn't even a life-or-death conflict, as the Western media portrays it.

Moscow, on the other hand, is delighted if Biden is consumed by his hatred for Putin and fixation with Ukraine. Putin is buying time and strengthening Russia's grip on other critical regions, with Africa serving as a clear example of Putin's checkmate moves against Biden.


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