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Even CNN admits Biden's 'confusion,' and his numbers are worse than Carter's

For a long time, we've been discussing Joe Biden's apparent cognitive difficulties.

But, shockingly, CNN is now as well. I wrote about Biden's misunderstanding and dishonesty about distributing test kits for Americans earlier this week.

Biden kept getting "pills" and "test kits" mixed up. He expressed regret for not thinking of boosting testing kits for individuals "two months ago," "before COVID came us," using the term "COVID" instead of "Omicron." As we previously mentioned, Biden had considered increasing the number of testing kits. In March and September, he'd promised them. He just did not follow through on his pledge.

He was also given a plan to distribute 732 million test kits to Americans in order to meet the expected rise in demand for them throughout the holiday season. The concept was rejected by Biden. Now he claims that he never considered any of it, and that no one could have predicted the requirement. Can we speak about how strange and suspicious it is that Biden doesn't appear to know what he's doing and/or can't keep up with his falsehoods from one minute to the next?

While CNN didn't cover every detail of the situation, Jeff Zeleny did call out Biden's befuddlement and scolded him for not accepting responsibility for the lack of testing. Biden has previously had more than a month to respond to the question with Omicron, Zeleny pointed out.

"Throughout this interview with David Muir, President Biden appears perplexed and appears to be mistaking the half-billion tests that they've ordered with a half-billion drugs," Zeleny added. "Of course, with Pfizer's approval of the antiviral, tablets were in the news today, so he rectified himself, but it was one thing that stood out to me."

The promise of testing in January, according to Zeleny, may also be bogus. "There is no reason to believe that [tests] would be given out early in January as the president stated," Zeleny said.

The media has been enraged by the testing issue, maybe because it's finally striking home for them - they can't obtain tests, therefore they're on an equal footing with the rest of us.

That wasn't the end of it.

CNN also confirmed last week that Biden's economic approval ratings were worse than Jimmy Carter's, demonstrating that he had the lowest net approval rating of anybody in modern history on the subject. Americans were concerned about inflation and Biden's reluctance to address it, which fueled the movement.

When it comes to what Americans think about Joe Biden, this exchange between John Berman and Harry Enten is just brutally honest.

So, what's the deal with this sudden admission of guilt? I'd like to believe we're witnessing a shift, but I'm not betting on it. But it's encouraging to see them admit he has a problem with confusion and be open about how dissatisfied Americans are with him right now when it comes to the economy.

We'll have to wait and see if this happens again. Is it possible that they will no longer feel obligated to protect Biden because someone/something else will be elevated instead? We'll have to wait and watch how things play out, but things aren't looking good for Biden.

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