The narrative of CNN's sexual abuse does not appear to be coming to a conclusion

Too much political correctness and virtue signaling may indicate that the practitioner is overcompensating for some very heinous previous actions. When it comes to CNN workers in high-ranking positions and sexual exploitation and paedophilia, this is precisely the case.

After it was revealed that a senior CNN producer who worked "shoulder to shoulder" with ex-anchor Chris Cuomo boasted of enticing children as young as 7 to his residence for "sexual subservience" training, he was sacked, according to the network.

A federal grand jury in Vermont indicted John Griffin, 44, on Dec. 10 for attempting to "induce juveniles to participate in criminal sexual behavior," according to sources citing the Justice Department. CNN announced his suspension the following day. Fired CNN producer John Griffin reportedly led a bizarre double life in recent months involving the "adoptive" mother of a 9-year-old girl in Henderson, Nevada, who was part of a horrible BDSM ring that included the kid, according to court and police records.

Griffin is accused of flying Carriker and a 9-year-old girl identified as her adopted daughter to Logan Airport in Boston in July 2020, then driving them to a $2.5 million ski lodge in Ludlow, Vermont, according to a federal indictment filed in Vermont.

The case follows sexual misconduct allegations on CNN’s producer’s colleague Chris Cuomo

Chris Cuomo was hit with a fresh sexual harassment complaint only days before CNN dismissed him over an investigation into work he did defending his brother against similar charges, just days before the case of CNN's experienced producer came to light. An attorney, Debra Katz, said on Sunday that her client had accused Cuomo of "serious sexual misconduct" and that her client had contacted CNN about the accusation on Wednesday.

Cuomo was fired from CNN earlier this week when it was revealed that he assisted his brother, former New York governor Andrew Cuomo, who was accused of sexual harassment. Administrators at CNN stated "new material has come to light" after Chris Cuomo was fired, but did not elaborate.

According to court documents, federal authorities heard of the allegations of child abuse on Sept. 2, 2020, only days after the lady was detained, and seized "computers, storage media, gadgets, phones, cameras, MicroSD cards, images and video." Despite the fact that he was accused of the killings, sources informed Fox News that federal detectives took 16 months to catch Griffin, who continued to interact with his children and mingle with the neighborhood.

Michael Bachner, a federal prosecutor who has defended a number of high-profile defendants, was surprised that authorities didn't act sooner. “It’s sort of astonishing that efforts weren’t taken to get Griffin off the streets in September if the FBI did a search and was aware of the underlying conduct against Griffin in the Nevada case,” he added. “It’s a bad decision to let someone go free when you know or have reason to believe he’s a predator to me.” And for anyone familiar with the depth CNN is entrenched with the Democrats

According to former FBI Special Agent Arnold Bell, "predators" who get close to children or even masquerade as their parents to involve them in sexual activity or exchange and sell them out to others are "not at all commonplace." The unusual part is that paedophile John Griffin and Chris Cuomo, who were both accused of sexual assault, were able to perpetrate these deviant activities while on CNN's payroll.

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