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Without term limits, Nancy Pelosi would be 101 years old and still in Congress in 20 years

Nancy Pelosi is 81 years old. She's been a member of Congress for longer than my eldest son has been alive. She was elected to Congress before the 'World Wide Web' became operational.

Joe Biden is a year away from being 80 years old. Before I could vote, he was responding to "Senator Biden."

Nancy Pelosi is 81 years old. She's been a member of Congress for longer than my eldest son has been alive. She was elected to Congress before the "World Wide Web" became operational.

Chuck Schumer slouches like he's spent too much time at Leisure World playing bingo. At 71, he's the youngest of the three.

Is it true that getting older is a bad thing? Of course not, but the Founders did not design or anticipate Federal governance in the hands of persons in their 80s or approaching 80.

All three would resemble a "On Golden Pond" reunion if they didn't have plastic "work done." Henry Fonda portrayed an elderly guy suffering from dementia in the film. He was 75 years old when the movie was made, and he died at the age of 77.

With the exception of hair plugs and caps, Joe Biden would resemble Mr Smithers. His teeth have been whitened artificially to the point of snow blindness. Joe's degeneration in his elderly years is not helped by brain transplants. He's a shambles. He moves like a Team America puppet and can't seem to finish a sentence without stumbling over his tongue.

Pelosi, in my opinion, is much worse. She'd resemble a blue-hair yelling at the youngsters to get off her plastic lawn chairs if she didn't get her hair colored and her face lifted bi-annually. Her recent public appearances have been depressing and pitiful. Her first language is now gibberish. Schumer is a nicer person than Biden or Pelosi, but he is still a thug. President Manchin, fortunately, has restrained him.

America is in jeopardy due to a combination of cognitive decline and leadership of two branches of government by three persons with a combined age of 231 years. This was unavoidable in the absence of term limitations. In San Francisco, Pelosi might run as a dead person and win. You are free to make up your own joke.

Term limits are in place in fifteen states, but they haven't helped us get rid of professional politicians. Term restrictions apply even in indigo-blue California, yet the state is administered by professional politicians. They go on to the next seat after being termed out in one. Once a member of the Assembly has served their term, they run for something else. It's like attempting to get rid of cockroaches in a structure. Unless you stomp on them or fumigate, they just relocate to another room.

In Washington, D.C., the solution is to enact term limits, which are literally restrictions on how many years one individual may serve. Put an end to the passage of time. It's been enough for me to serve in Congress for the past two decades. Representatives would be able to run for a total of ten terms. Senators are eligible for three terms.

A person cannot be president for more than two terms. The 22nd Amendment already provides for this. We'd get rid of Pelosi, Schumer, and Biden if the federal government imposed term limits.

Even Biden, to be sure. He would not have been Obama's choice for Vice President. Before Bush 41's time as president ended, Biden would have left the federal administration. Former Senator Joe Biden would have been useless to Obama. He wouldn't have been able to sell influence either. Hunter might not have been peddling his father's cache if he'd been painting Elvis on velvet for $20 a crack instead.

Unfortunately, term limitations are unlikely to be implemented. It would very certainly require an amendment, just as the presidential term limitations. I'm not sure a legislation would suffice, and the morons in charge of the federal government are unlikely to "vote themselves out." They've become accustomed to sipping from the government trough.

We require fresh blood. Five former SEALs are seeking re-election to Congress. Dan Crenshaw, who is already a member of Congress, is not included in this figure. Several more men and women in Congress have served in the military. Perhaps veterans and others who have witnessed combat will keep us out of unending conflicts, and the neocons will be shown the door. Perhaps in 10 or 20 years, there will be enough new blood in Washington, D.C., for them to be willing to change the Constitution.

Pelosi has stated that she will vote against it. She'll be 101 years old and have had her 58th facelift.

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