Who Can Replace Nancy Pelosi in the Future?

The news that Nancy Pelosi is likely to run for re-election next year fills me with sadness and heartache as a native and citizen of the San Francisco Bay Area.

It's not that her continuation in office is a cause for concern, since her position in the House is secure. It's best not to waste time pondering something that is a given. No, what I bemoan is how her decision postpones the inevitable day when she will no longer be able to run. The ensuing struggle for her replacement in 2024 among San Francisco Democrats will make a fully loaded UFC event look like tea and crumpets at the Presidio Club. Do you want to name names? Sure.

Christine Pelosi —  Nancy Pelosi's 55-year-old daughter, is the most likely to run for politics among Nancy Pelosi's five daughters. Christine Pelosi, a seasoned political operative, has all of the necessary insider contacts. Will her party work and last name be enough to win the primary despite her lack of public office experience? There's also the tiny issue of her shown inability to refrain from ranting on social media. But, as a Democrat, the more she says, the better.

Gavin Newsom — Remember, he was previously the mayor of San Francisco. Governor Hair Gel will almost certainly seek for re-election next year, but there's no guarantee he'll win in November if the state continues to fail under his, well, "leadership." It's nearly difficult to imagine his leaving the governorship for a House seat if he wins. If he loses, will he see a House seat as a good stepping stone back to bigger political goals, or will he wait till a Senate seat becomes available?

Scott Wiener — Former member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, now a state senator. Wiener is a progressive who is a progressive's progressive. He has yet to encounter a taxpayer-funded governmental overreach social engineering project that he does not enjoy. If he ran, he'd almost certainly have The Squad's support, setting up some tasty in-fighting between establishment and outlier San Francisco politicians.

London Breed — The mayor of San Francisco. Breed's favorite approach of dealing with issues is to avoid them altogether. This is her best action plan, given that anytime she attempts to do something, the result is nothing. Breed's political capital may not be sufficient to secure establishment support, especially if Christine Pelosi runs. If the younger Pelosi does not run and Breed does, expect Breed to gain ground quickly, especially if Wiener is in the mix.

Willie Brown — He is, in fact, 87 years old. But what better way to end a career as a royalty maker in California than with a last performance in Washington, DC? Also, in California politics (*coughdiannefeinsteincough*), age is clearly no impediment. In relation to that...

Kamala Harris — There are a lot of ifs in this. If Joe Biden declines to seek re-election. Alternatively, if he runs but with a different running buddy. Alternatively, if Biden does not run, neither does Harris. Alternatively, if Biden does not run, Harris may do so and crash out of the primaries early enough to be on the California ballot for the House seat. Alternatively, if Dianne Feinstein does not change her mind about competing for re-election in 2024, when she would be 94, Harris is likely to make a return to the Senate her top objective if she does not run for president.

It's tempting to dismiss all of this, since whomever takes Nancy Pelosi's seat in California's 12th District will be on the other side of conservatives on every issue. True, but on the other side of the aisle, players struggle for their eagerly sought prize, one may at least expect for some amusement.

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