Joe, how's it doing with'shutting down the virus'?

Travel restrictions and quarantines have resurfaced in popularity.

We're about to enter 2022 in less than a month, so why does it seem like March 2020 all over again?

The new Omicron form of Covid-19 is being relentlessly covered by cable news networks. They're hell-bent on terrifying every unwary viewer who happens to turn on their shows by accident. To be fair, the media is following the president's lead. The Biden administration is apparently considering a seven-day self-quarantine for all tourists coming on our borders, regardless of vaccination status, including US citizens and permanent residents, according to the Washington Post. Travel restrictions, which were out of favor during Trump's presidency because they were deemed "xenophobic," have resurfaced.

All of this begs the question: didn't Joe Biden pledge to bring the virus to a halt?

"I'm not going to shut down the nation," then-candidate Biden — or whomever was handling his Twitter account at the time — happily declared in October 2020. I'm not going to put the economy on hold. "I'm going to turn the virus off." That's correct. Joe planned to stop the illness by eating ice cream, wearing aviators, and saying things like "God love you."

Regrettably, that tweet has aged similarly to the president. Since assuming office in January, Biden has only shut down the Keystone XL Pipeline.

We've been in office for eleven months, and more people have died from Covid under Joe's watch than under his predecessor. You may believe that counting and comparing fatalities to earn political points is heinous and ineffective. I concur. But, given that Biden happily utilized similar strategy during a 2020 debate with Trump, it's only right that he be held to the same standard.

“Two hundred and twenty thousand Americans dead. If you hear nothing else I say tonight, hear this. Anyone who’s responsible for not taking control — in fact, not saying, I take no responsibility, initially — anyone who is responsible for that many deaths should not remain as president of the United States of America.”

Someone should have told Biden that context is everything, as Jen Psaki usually says.

When the coronavirus first arrived in the United States, Donald Trump was president. The issue provided Biden and his media legion of trained seals with the perfect chance to do what they do best: quarterback all of Orange Man's decisions on Monday morning.

The fact that President Trump was dealing with an unknown quantity didn't bother his detractors. According to the left, every action he did was incorrect.

He was mocked for predicting that a vaccine will be available by the end of the year. He was absolutely correct. For his decision to restrict planes from China and Europe, he was labeled a bigot. Trump's choice, according to Anthony Fauci, saved lives. He was even labeled a conspiracy theorist for speculating that the virus originated at the Wuhan lab rather than a wet market in Wuhan. Jon Stewart won rapturous accolades from the media a few months later for stating the same thing. To put it another way, for a man dealing with so many unknowns, Trump was very accurate.

Joe was unconcerned about any of this. It was Orange Man's fault, and he was to blame for the fatalities. This isn't a joke.

Is Biden still standing by that declaration now that he has reached his own bleak juncture? According to the Wall Street Journal, Biden has exceeded 350,000 Covid fatalities since his presidency.

When Biden scurried into the White House on January 21, he had several significant advantages over Trump. The Covid-19 vaccinations had already been manufactured and were being dispersed around the country, due in large part to Operation Warp Speed. The medical community had a far better understanding of how the virus propagated and who was most likely to become critically ill. In other words, no one expected Joe Biden, with the exception of Barack Obama, to muck things up. We misjudged his abilities.

Fast forward to this week and rather than addressing his own failings or taking questions about his broken promises, the president is rambling on about Cabbage Patch Kids and making TikToks with Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Meanwhile, the rest of his government is working on Pandemic 2.0 preparations. For most people, it seems like déjà vu when these authorities issue new instructions and warn us "nothing is off the table" to stop the spread.

Dr. Fauci has returned to his 24-hour appearances on MSNBC and CNN, where he discusses Rand Paul, Christmas parties, and booster injections.

Elective procedures are being postponed in hospitals.

Politicians have reverted to their favorite pastime: imposing laws they don't intend to follow. Before departing on a luxury, $29,000-per-night vacation in Mexico, Governor Gavin Newsom prolonged California's state of emergency. I'm sure his travel was hampered by dread about Omicron.

Obviously, the media's overreactions and the elite's hypocrisy are nothing new. But therein lays the issue. Biden stated that he would bring something new to the table. He pledged to put a stop to the infection, but he hasn't followed through. Seeing Biden talk about vaccines, quarantines, and masks makes you feel like you're watching the opening scene of a lousy movie you've already watched.

Here's some advise for my fellow Americans: life is too short to waste time watching the same bad movie repeatedly.

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