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Michelle Young Deals With Nayte, Chris S. Drama After Feeling ‘Unseen’

Michelle Young got upset with her suitors after feeling like they were not making an effort with her on ‘The Bachelorette’ — details

Her time to shine. Michelle Young struggled with feeling like her suitors were not making enough of an effort during the Tuesday, November 9, episode of The Bachelorette.

Michelle kicked off the week with a one-on-one date with Martin. She was apprehensive about him after sending Jamie home in the previous episode because she knew the two men were close friends. Martin defended Jamie by saying he was still “a hell of a man” despite misleading Michelle about whether the other men questioned her character. She emphasized that she needed a partner who would trust her decisions and noted that it did not feel good that Martin doubted her.

The Bachelorette Recap Michelle Young Deals With Nayte and Chris S. Drama After Feeling Unseen
ABC/Craig Sjodin

At dinner, Martin clarified his earlier statements, admitting that he was not great at expressing his emotions, but he was working on it. Michelle felt similarly about herself and appreciated that Martin challenged himself to open up more, so he received a rose.

Michelle hit another roadblock during the group date when the guys focused more on the slumber party activities than on her. She felt unseen because no one pulled her aside or paid her much attention, which was triggering since she felt the same way growing up. Michelle told some of the men at the afterparty about how hurt she was by their behavior. She wanted them to make small gestures and to feel like her efforts were being reciprocated. Olu, in particular, got emotional because he had seen his sisters go through the same thing. Michelle ultimately gave Olu the group date rose.

Rick landed the second one-on-one date, and Michelle was glad she chose him because he always made her feel special. They connected as he got vulnerable about his parents’ broken marriage and his father’s death. Rick then told Michelle that he was falling in love with her, and she offered him a rose.

During the cocktail party, Chris S. made an impromptu speech about some of the men thinking they had the season “in the bag.” He then told Michelle privately that Nayte said he knew his time for a one-on-one date was coming. Michelle was “disappointed” and told Nayte he should not think he had any kind of advantage. She also informed the group that she was still figuring out her feelings.

Nayte later confronted Chris, who said Michelle “probed” him until he singled out Nayte. Chris insisted that he only shared “facts” with Michelle, and Nayte called him a “dweeb.”

Michelle sent home Will, Chris G. and Romeo during the rose ceremony, while both Nayte and Chris S. received roses.

The Bachelorette airs on ABC Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET.

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