The rallying cry ''Let's Go Brandon''

The ideal slogan for expressing dissatisfaction and mocking society and the media.

Will the Democratic Party hear the stop the insanity message sent by the Virginia electorate? Probably not. But one thing they will continue to hear is, “Let’s Go, Brandon!” 

I had the pleasure of being a guest on Greg Gutfeld's new Fox News show "Gutfeld!" the other night. His show has become a late-night favorite, consistently outperforming the broadcast networks' increasingly angry and unfunny late-night programming in the ratings.

During the show, we discussed the new national “Let’s Go, Brandon!” slogan. Yes, it is code for an understandably negative response to President Joe Biden. It results from a reporter supposedly mishearing the ubiquitous “F*** Joe Biden” chant breaking out during sports games. Unable to ignore the boisterous chant, a reporter at a NASCAR race told her live audience that the crowd was chanting “Let’s go, Brandon!” ostensibly for race winner Brandon Brown. Depending on your generosity, she was either wishing, misleading, or mishearing.

That blunder is now being heard all over the world, as Americans have adopted it as the perfect phrase to communicate their rising unhappiness and indignation while simultaneously confronting and criticizing cancel society and a media that refuses to be honest about the country's state.

“Let’s Go, Brandon” is a happy accident, reminding Americans of President Ronald Reagan’s encouragement for all of us to be Happy Warriors. In the larger scheme of what we’re facing as a nation, the slogan is small but brings people together in a delicious mélange of political statement, humor, and unity. And you can say it in front of the children!

The left and Democrats, of course, are losing their collective mind. Nothing is as bad as “Let’s Go, Brandon,” they insist. It’s been decried and condemned as racist (of course), comparable to terrorism, the Klan, and everything that matters in life. CNN analyst and former Clinton hack Joe Lockhart led the hysteria on Twitter: “You know who else had coded statements like Brandon? ISIS, the Klan, Nazi’s [sic]… beginning to get the point?” 

Following the stunning GOP gains in Virginia on Tuesday night, Democrats would be well to quit delusory about what's going on in our nation. Condemning the American people to Nazis, ISIS, and the Ku Klux Klan would not only get you driven out of office, but it will also destroy the Democratic Party as a whole.

The media establishment seems especially infuriated because they know what the Brandon sentiment represents is not only well-deserved but also confirms the Democrats’ pathetic and dangerous failure. It is a repudiation of everything the establishment has developed.  

The embracing of Brandon serves as a daily reminder to the Democrats and the American left that despite all of their efforts, they have failed to destroy the independence and freethinking of the American people. They certainly have not brainwashed us into believing what’s happening in this country is normal or acceptable. It is a reminder of the disgust with which the American people hold those responsible for the continuing disintegration of our country on every single issue and policy that matters to our lives.

NBC News, not exactly known as a fair and balanced outlet, conducted a poll from October 23-26 with results that Chuck Todd called “shocking” and “scary news for the Democrats.”

The poll, debuting on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” revealed that 71% of Americans believe the country is on the wrong track. Yes, you saw that right: almost 3 out of every 4 Americans don’t like what’s happening to the United States under the disastrous leadership of Mr. Biden and the Democrats. Mr. Todd noted this includes a “near majority of Democrats who are saying that. “

Other results in that same poll reflect an awakening of the American people about the utter failure of the Democrats across the board on all the issues that matter. In the national poll on the question of “Which party would do a better job?” respondents gave Republicans double-digit leads on the major issues: Border Security +27 points, Inflation +24, Crime +22, National Security +21, Economy +18, and on the idea of “Getting Things Done “it was Republicans +13 points.

When it comes to what “Republicans” the respondents are thinking of, it would have to be the impression made when the Republicans were last in charge, and that would be President Donald Trump’s administration. Mr. Biden has been in office for only 10 months. His utter failure on every issue highlights even more starkly the dramatic success Mr. Trump had on all those issues, even while being hounded by the very people who are now setting this country on fire.

Ultimately, “Let’s Go Brandon” is more than a fun chant (which it is). It is also an undeniable declaration of freedom, opinion, unity, and rebellion. Trying to demonize that phrase isn’t going to solve the Democrats’ problems, but it does confirm why Americans have embraced Brandon and everything he stands for.

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