This Could Be the Most Famous 'Let's Go, Brandon' Troll Ever โ€” Featuring Joe Biden

Let's face it, with the troll of Joe Biden that he was able to pull off, the father in this story may have just achieved legendary status.

Joe Biden and his wife were taking part in the White House NORAD Santa-tracking conversations with children and their parents, as is customary. Jared from Oregon, the father, informed the Bidens that he hopes they had a "great Christmas as well." He sneaked in a "Let's go, Brandon" at that point.

Now, one has to admit, that’s pretty hilarious.

Biden responded, “Let’s go, Brandon, I agree.”Biden appeared to have no notion what the phrase meant and/or was simply repeating what the other person said without understanding. However, it was evident from Jill Biden's expression that she comprehended what the man had said. It was invaluable. She had a nasty look on her face and looked like she had swallowed several lemons. She appeared to roll her eyes as well.

Even though it was likely previously established, Biden asked the man whether he was from Oregon, but the man didn't reply; it appeared as though he was cut off after the remark. Biden's White House team, without a doubt, did not want that call to continue. According to the pool story, the father had previously mentioned having a two-year-old daughter, and Biden had pushed the children to go to bed by 9 p.m.

Now that Biden doesn't appear to know what the phrase implies, I believe this is strong proof.

Of course, half of Twitter and certain sections of the media are now enraged that Biden's father said that to him. Despite dozens of tweets about it, Twitter appeared to be suppressing it for a while, but it's now back up.

But some of the members of Congress had a little fun with it in response.

For those who believe it's inappropriate, keep in mind that the media has informed us what it means — it doesn't mean "F**k Joe Biden," it means "Let's go, Brandon" because the media has told us so.

But those who complain are the same people who had no problem calling President Donald Trump names, the same media that lionized a woman who flipped him off, and the same media that peddled bogus Russia collusion stories about him for four years. So, truly, having one man make a joke at Biden's expense is hilarious.

It also demonstrates that Biden doesn't seem to grasp something so generally known, which is at least partly about him and partly directed at the media. He's also been confronted with banners and chanting with it almost everywhere he's gone since October, so he should be aware of it, but he isn't.

It's just one of a long list of things about America that Biden appears to be losing out on. So, while the joke is amusing, his inability to comprehend it is sad since it reflects so many other things about which he is unaware.

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