Sharna Burgess Admits 'It's Hard' Not to Take Things Personally on 'DWTS'

Sharna Burgess details what's to come with Brian Austin Green on Dancing With the Stars' Disney week — exclusive

Sharna Burgess Blogs DWTS Week 3 Brian Austin Green

Sharna Burgess, who is currently competing on season 30 of Dancing With the Stars with real-life boyfriend Brian Austin Green, breaks down Britney Spears week exclusively with Us Weekly.

On this week’s biggest challenge:
We wanted to really give a good technical tango with lots of content even though our song, “Till the World Ends,” wasn’t really a traditional tango feel. Britney’s music is epic and having the sexier Latin styles I think matches better with her sound. And of course, dancing to a Britney is amazing so having a night dedicated to her was epic. We wanted to pay homage to her and also be true to our dance style. The song was selected for us and I was super thrilled with it. She’s had so many hits so there was no doubt whatever we got I would love it.

On not having Brian’s posters on her wall:
I haven’t watched Beverly Hills, 90210, but I totally want to! Fans often send me clips of Brian in the show and he is so adorable.

On how the show has brought them closer:
This show is known for creating incredible connections between partners, so this is, for sure, a deep bonding experience for us. We are truly learning how we deal with pressure together, how we tackle adversity with each other and I think, even though our communication is already amazing, it’s getting even better. We’ve had to have moments of sharing how we feel when it’s gotten hard so we can work through it together. We make sure that we don’t allow anything in the studio to affect our relationship at home. Those two things are separate and that takes work to maintain.

On the toughest part about working together:
Our biggest challenge has been finding balance. This experience and journey truly takes up your whole life for three months. It’s easy to obsess over it and the fact that we live together means we don’t get space from it to breathe unless we make a point of it. Other couples can have a tough rehearsal day and then get time to walk away and level out. But for us, we don’t get to walk away from each other and we don’t ever want to, so we make sure that the studio and home never collide. It’s hard to not take things personally sometimes, but communication is key and we both put our relationship first.

On Double Disney night:
Our hero’s night is very romantic and sweet, very on the nose Disney. Our villains’ night is super fun and dramatic. Both dances I’m so excited about, I’m a huge Disney fan so I’m really living out a dream this week.

Dancing With the Stars airs on ABC Mondays at 8 p.m. ET.

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