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Royals Drinking Beer: Prince William, Duchess Kate and More Raise a Glass

Members of the British royal family, including Prince William and Kate Middleton, love to drink a beer every now and again — see the photos

Royals, they’re just like Us! That is to say, they enjoy a beer just as much as the next person. In fact, despite a bevy of royal food rules that include no garlic and a ban on pasta for dinner, the most recognizable family in Britain is allowed to drink in public at officially sanctioned royal events. Not surprisingly, beer is a popular libation of choice with this blue-blooded clan.

Case in point? Duchess Kate, who was decked out in head-to-toe green and Prince William each sipped on a pint of Guinness in March 2019 in Hounslow, England, in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. The future king and queen were on hand to meet with Irish Guards after attending the holiday parade at Cavalry Barracks.

And that’s not the only time the parents of three enjoyed a beer together, either. Back in July 2017, both the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were spotted toasting with the popular drink after competing against one another in a rowing race in Germany.

In addition to sipping on a pint every now and again, the royal couple has been known to serve them, too. In February 2019, Kate stepped behind a bar in Ireland and tried her hand at pouring a pint all while wearing a designer dress, and she managed to do it without splashing her green gown.

As you might have guessed, other members of the royal family, such as Prince Harry and Prince Charles, are beer fans as well. Harry, who tends to be a bit more relaxed than his older brother when it comes to royal protocol, has even been spotted with a beer in St. James’s Palace, a royal residence he and his family once called home.

In May 2021, the Duke of Cambridge enjoyed a brew with first responders ahead of the Scottish Cup final. “Taking this opportunity to thank Emergency Responders for their dedication and commitment over the last year,” the official Kensington Royal account tweeted at the time.

Though the group enjoyed a relaxing afternoon of watching soccer, they found time to discuss more serious matters as well.

“Many of the emergency responders today were open about the mental health challenges they’ve experienced during the pandemic and how they coped throughout,” Kensington Royal added in another tweet. “We must ensure that all emergency responders receive the mental health support they need.”

Keep scrolling to see various members of the royal family enjoying a beer:

This story originally appeared on: US Magazine - Author:Samantha Leffler

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