Nailed It! Busy Philipps Makes Stitch Cake for Daughter Cricket’s Birthday

Stars including Jennifer Lopez, Kelly Ripa and more have had some pretty elaborate cakes over the years to celebrate birthdays, weddings and more — photos

There’s nothing like a good cake, and no one knows that better than celebrities! Whether they’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary or other big accomplishment, stars including Jennifer Lopez and Kelly Ripa understand the importance of a wow-worthy confection.

Take the “Ain’t Your Mama” singer, for example. When she celebrated her 50th birthday on Star Island in Miami in July 2019, her birthday treat was a true showstopper. For starters, the massive cake consisted of 10 elegantly decorated tiers. Each tier featured black and gold accents, but we’re not talking about just any metallic hue — Lopez’s festive dessert sported some expensive 24-karat gold embellishments.

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, the Grammy nominee’s lavish, towering pastry was also bedazzled with Swarovski crystals and featured an edible flower design as well as several sparklers at the base. Lopez’s cake needed to be carried into the venue by five men and reportedly cost a cool $10,000.

Though the cake Ripa was surprised with during an October 2018 episode of Live With Kelly and Ryan wasn’t quite as extravagant, the large pastry, which was designed to look like a humungous peanut butter and jelly sandwich, was arguably just as impressive. The treat, which was given to Ripa on her 48th birthday, was an unexpected gift from her cohost, Ryan Seacrest. It was so big that it broke records.

“I spent the whole year hearing about Kelly having PB&J in her bed,” Seacrest told the audience at the time, explaining why he chose such an interesting treat. “Her husband [Mark Consuelos] would bring these in, they would eat them and now, this is the world’s largest.”

According to the television personality, the “bread” of this larger-than-life creation was made of pound cake, while a generous helping of peanut butter and jelly rested in the middle. The treat was made by Brooklyn-based pastry chef Michael Lechowicz, who owns and operates Charlotte Patisserie, a bakery that specializes in creating themed and one-of-kind desserts.

And if you think stars only trot out fancy confections when they’re marking another trip around the sun, think again! Amy Schumer was presented with a LOL-worthy cake when she celebrated her baby shower in January 2019 and Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan commissioned a stunning lemon elderflower creation when they tied the knot in May 2018.

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