'Below Deck Sailing Yacht' Reunion Tackles Dani’s Pregnancy, More Bombshells

The cast of 'Below Deck Sailing Yacht' discussed all the chaos from season 2 during the Monday, June 21, reunion — read more

Just the beginning! The Below Deck Sailing Yacht cast virtually came together to break down everything that happened during the show’s second season — and nothing was off-limits.

During part one of the reunion on Monday, June 21, Glenn Shephard, Colin Macrae, Gary King, Natasha De Bourg, Daisy Kelliher, Dani Soares, Alli Dore and Sydney Zaruba returned to reflect on their highs and lows.

Deckhand Jean-Luc Cerza Lanaux, who had some big questions to answer about his relationship with Dani since the season wrapped, was noticeably absent. However, host Andy Cohen confirmed that Jean-Luc did a separate interview for the reunion where he addressed the speculation that he’s the father of Dani’s baby.

“If that is my child, I want everything and anything to do with that child’s life,” Jean-Luc said in a preview for part two of the reunion, set to air on June 22.

Prior to the reunion, Jean-Luc took to social media to finally respond to fan’s theories about his relationship with Dani, who welcomed her first child in May.

“There’s a lot of gossip about my social media silence so I think it’s time to clear the air. While others are off chasing their 15 minutes of fame, I am working on a yacht in Central America,” he wrote via Instagram on Friday, June 18. “[I’m] heartbroken to have to hear about the baby’s birth on social media and read headlines, like, ‘Dani Soares Says Her Baby’s Father Doesn’t Want Anything to Do With It.’ All I can say is if it’s mine, I want to be involved 100 [percent].”

Jean-Luc continued: “As someone who grew up with parents who weren’t together, I wouldn’t wish that on any child. Not looking for a pity party. Just want everyone to know how strongly I feel about this, especially the haters who are so sure I am neglecting my responsibility. No one wants to know more than me if this is my baby girl!”

Many members of the Below Deck universe quickly responded to the post and called out Jean-Luc for not doing the right thing, including costar Sydney, who asked, “What is wrong with you?!”

“Don’t play the innocent victim here JL. Man the fuk [sic] up,” Colin added in the comments.

Season 2 chef Natasha added: “I’m sorry JL but sounds like a pity party to me. Why didn’t you reach out 9 months ago ??? No woman deserves to be treated the way you treated Danny [sic]”

While Jean-Luc didn’t appear on part one of the reunion, he was still a large topic of conversation between the crew.

“I think we blame everything on J.L. He’s not here, it makes sense, right? Anything that went wrong this season,” Glenn joked as the rest of the cast members laughed.

Scroll through the gallery below for more revelations from the reunion.

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