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Inside Ginny & Georgia's Brianne Howey's Aruba Honeymoon With Matt Ziering

'Ginny & Georgia' star Brianne Howey and longtime boyfriend Matt Ziering tied the knot in July — exclusive interview

The perfect getaway! After saying “I do” earlier this year, Brianne Howey and Matt Ziering enjoyed a romantic escape to Aruba for their honeymoon.

“Aruba was a dream come true,” Howey, 32, exclusively told Us Weekly about her special trip while discussing her partnership with the Aruba Honeymoon First Sweepstakes. “We had a private sailing experience, we did paddle boards, snorkeling, jet skis and we ate out every night. It was just truly magical and so romantic. Neither one of us had been there, so it’s always fun to explore somewhere new together. It was really, really lovely.”

The pair, who tied the knot in July, also explored the relaxing options that came with staying in Aruba.

“Aruba is actually the oldest producer of aloe, so they incorporate a lot of aloe treatments. The beaches are the most calming thing ever,” the Exorcist alum noted to Us. “The sand is actually so white and the waters are so blue. There’s these beautiful trade winds that are going so you can actually sit in the sun without feeling like you’re melting.”

The Ginny & Georgia star found the honeymoon to be a one of a kind trip that isn’t only for couples looking to get away.

“I think it’s the most ideal honeymoon location for young couples, especially. I mean it is incredibly family-friendly,” Howey shared. “So getting to kind of pick up and go and explore and be active, but also, [have] a glass of wine watching these incredible orange sunsets is really spectacular. I’m definitely going to be zooming in on all of these pictures I took while I am sitting in Toronto all winter [filming season 2 of Ginny & Georgia].”

The Batwoman star added that she “can’t wait when the time comes” for her to expand her family, but for now she is enjoying newlywed life.

“It’s been really nice,” she revealed. “I was a little bit skeptical that it [wouldn’t] actually feel that different and it really does. It’s really nice.”

For Howey and Ziering, who previously had to postpone their wedding because of COVID-19, getting to have a wedding ceremony inspired the actress to partner up with Aruba Honeymoon First Sweepstakes where others can win the same honeymoon experience.

“Matt and I were super fortunate. We were able to get married this year, but because of the pandemic, almost like a million couples in the U.S. have had to postpone their weddings,” she told Us. “So if you are one of those couples, you qualify to win a free honeymoon trip to Aruba where you go on your honeymoon first, and then you worry about the stress of wedding planning.”

From now through Monday, November 15, couples can enter to win a honeymoon trip to Aruba!

With reporting by Sarah Hearon

Scroll down for a special look at Howey’s romantic honeymoon:

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This story originally appeared on: US Magazine - Author:Yana Grebenyuk

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