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Real Word: Homecoming's Becky Blasband Says She Quit Because Show 'Is a Lie'

Becky Blasband left the 'Real World: Homecoming' loft amid racism accusations, which she denied in a statement — more details

Peace out. Becky Blasband is speaking out after leaving the Real World: Homecoming loft during a Thursday, March 18, episode of the show.

The MTV personality, 53, blamed editing for her early exit in a statement shared via her Instagram two days after the episode aired. She also denied allegations of racism.

“I left the Real World Homecoming Series because it is a lie,” she began. “I had been there before, they told me this time it would be different. I realized quickly that it is not the platform for important Human discussion on sensitive issues. In my exit interview, I expressed exactly this.”

Real Word: Homecoming's Becky Blasband Claims She Quit 'Because it Is a Lie'
Becky Blasband Paramount

Blasband continued: “The producers, of course, cannot air this. I do not write this in my defense as I need no defense. Never have I raised a racist word. Nor committed a racist action against people of color. But when critical thinking goes out the window you can point to this kind of media.”

She went on to say, “It is a kind of brainwashing. Edited, characterized, lacking in depth. In this country we believe in ‘the American dream.’ This also has become a lie. And you wonder why our country is in such disarray. I do not regret leaving. Nor will I raise a word against my cast members. Only that I feel for them, that they did not have the strength to walk out with me.”

Blasband posted the statement along with the hashtags “#Reality” and “#NoVictims.” She was previously accused of making racist comments during the original Real World: New York. During the second episode of Real World: Homecoming, the cast watched a flashback of a heated debate between her and costar Kevin Powell, which culminated in Powell calling Blasband a “bitch” and a racist.

The pair butted heads again over the issue, as Powell, 54, tried to explain why Blasband’s comments “feed into white supremacy.” The singer said she didn’t want the conversation to get “political” and said she took the time to educate herself.

Her exit isn’t the only drama the show has faced. Castmember Eric Nies was diagnosed with COVID-19 ahead of the premiere and wasn’t able to enter the loft with the other six cast members for the first episode of the long-awaited revival on March 4. The 49-year-old revealed his diagnosis during the premiere, popping in on his roommates via video call.

“Guess what I have?” he asked the group before confirming his diagnosis. “I’m OK. I can feel something in my body, like, moving in my body. I don’t have a temperature. My vitals are stable.”

The Real World revival was announced in February. The show, on the Paramount+ streaming service, brought back the original 1992 cast to see how much they’ve changed since The Real World: New York aired more than two decades ago.

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This story originally appeared on: US Magazine - Author:Caitlyn Hitt

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