Sasha Obama Could Make Millions on TikTok

Sasha Obama will be an overnight success if she joins TikTok, according to a couple CEOs of marketing agencies.

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Sasha Obama already comes from a very influential family, but if she ever decides to break out on her own as an influencer ... the sky's the limit.

That's what the CEOs of 2 leading influencer-marketing agencies believe anyway, telling TMZ the former first daughter could amass 1-2 million followers on TikTok in her first week ... if not her first day.

Joe Gagliese of Viral Nation tells us, Sasha would be an overnight success story if she joined the popular social platform ... and could reach 10 million followers in a year easily if she posted content consistently.

He also says he could see her making $5-8 MILLION per year -- just off endorsements -- if she signed on with his agency, but they haven't tried to recruit her ... yet.

Joe says they'd be stupid not to try to get her as a client though, because she presents herself in a very "brand-friendly" and classy way ... which he says leads to better business deals. To top it off ... Gagliese believes the youngest Obama clearly has a lot of talent.

Likewise, Mae Karwowski of Obviously tells us, Sasha could rake in a few mil a year with the right brand deals, and she'd be able to charge top-dollar -- six figures immediately -- for pretty much any brand of her choosing.

Mae says Sasha has a cool, mysterious cache because she's kept such a low profile ... so she thinks there's a lot of pent-up interest in her that would result in high demand if she gets on TikTok.

As we reported ... Sasha's not on TikTok yet, but sent the internet into a tizzy this week just by appearing in one with her college friends.

Karwowski points out Sasha may not be ready for attention like that, or even want to seek out the limelight that comes with being an influencer ... it's her call to make.

If she does, though, Mae predicts the Obamas will help her do it in a smart, methodical way ... which is the right way when you're poised for macro-influencer status.

This story originally appeared on: TMZ - Author:TMZ Staff

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