Sasha Obama Dancing Front and Center in Fun TikTok

Sasha Obama's an instant TikTok star.

Barack and Michelle Obama's youngest daughter's just like college-aged daughters all around the world ... because she's blowing up on TikTok.

Former first kid Sasha is the standout star of one of those choreographed TikTok dance vids with a handful of her college friends ... appearing front and center as they bust moves to Popp Hunna's "Adderall (Corvette Corvette)."

The 19-year-old sophomore has mostly avoided the public spotlight since her family left The White House, but it certainly seems like she's enjoying life while keeping a low profile.

Though Sasha's getting a lot of love online for her instant TikTok stardom, it's also notable she's hanging with a group of friends despite ongoing COVID restrictions ... without masks or social distancing.

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Barack recently said his girls have mostly been living at home with him and Michelle since March ... but apparently, Sasha got some time away from her parents.

And, to be clear ... Sasha doesn't have her own TikTok account yet, but if she gets one -- based on the response to this 15-second video -- she might give Charli D'Amelio a run for her money on followers.

This story originally appeared on: TMZ - Author:TMZ Staff

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