Pittsburgh cops investigate Viral Video Showing Clash Between Protesters And Restaurant Patrons

Authorities in Pittsburgh, Pa., said they were investigating a newly released video that appeared to show protesters confronting outdoor diners in the city’s downtown on Saturday, a report said.

One of the videos that were posted online appeared to show a man holding a megaphone calling diners at the establishment an “embarrassment.” Some of the diners can be seen getting up from their seats.

Another protester could be seen giving an elderly couple the middle finger before someone else walks over to the pair, takes what appears to be a full glass of beer and drinks the entire glass. Another protester reportedly smashed a wine glass.


The apparent protester who gave the couple the middle finger laughed during the interaction. The marchers in the street were chanting “no justice, no peace” and “f— the police.”

The scene was reminiscent of the videos of  Black Lives Matter Protesters who screamed at people dining in Washington, D.C., late last month over the shooting of James Blake in Kenosha, Wis.

Frederick Kunkle, a Washington Post staff writer, posted a video Tuesday on Twitter that showed a crowd of protesters gathering closely around a woman, identified as Lauren Victor, as she sat outside on a sidewalk. The group demanded she raise her fist in solidarity as they chanted at her, “White silence is violence,” and, “No justice, no peace!”

WTAE.com, a Pittsburgh station, reported late Sunday that authorities are looking into the video from the restaurant and another that apparently showed a man carrying a bike who was hit by a demonstrator.

According to a statement released to KDKA by the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police, officials are reviewing video of the incident and encourage anyone impacted or assaulted during the protest to file a police report. Attorney Scott Brady calls the video “unacceptable” and says he’ll work closely with police “to identify and hold these provocateurs accountable.”

KDKA spoke with one of the demonstrators from the video captured along Penn Avenue who said there is more to the story.

The woman who posted the viral Facebook video online said she was “shocked” when the crowd rolled past her dinner table. The video showed protesters screaming insults at restaurant-goers as some left their tables.

A person can be seen walking over to an elderly couple, grabbing a beer off their table and drinking it.

Another video showed demonstrators chasing away a group of people who rode their bikes through the crowd. One of the riders is seen in the video smacking a bullhorn that belonged to one of the protesters, then getting whacked over the helmet with a skateboard.

The woman who posted the viral video said those who were dining on Penn Avenue were “bullied” and “harassed” by the group of demonstrators.

But Nique Craft, the person who drank the beer, said demonstrators acted in self defense. According to Craft, the bikers who rode through the crowd allegedly started a physical altercation with the demonstrators.

When asked for comment, Craft told KDKA to quote their Facebook post which reads, “We seriously get hit everyday that we march. Hueless aggression is escalating because the white moderate has decided we don’t need to fight for our rights anymore.”

Craft went on to say “protest isn’t supposed to be cute marches down the street with adorable photo ops to be used for Facebook profiles. I’m here to disrupt.”

Nique also claims the woman gave them permission to drink the beer.

State leaders are calling what the demonstrators did a crime and want local leaders to prosecute those responsible.

A representative for Mayor Bill Peduto declined KDKA’s request for comment.