The Democrat takeover of the BLM means the establishment of a new multimillion-dollar hub for race hustling

Democrats now clearly own 'Black Lives Matter,' the group and phrase that supersedes all arguments.

The Black Lives Matter plot expanded this week with some extremely partisan twists, including the takeover of the group by a longstanding Clinton family supporter and top Russia hoaxer.

According to recent filings, Marc Elias, a Democrat lawyer renowned for sponsoring the fake Steele dossier while serving as general counsel for Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign, seems to be representing BLM's Global Network Foundation via his legal company. In addition, Minyon Moore, a close Clinton supporter, has joined the board of directors of BLM.

In other words, the corrupt Democratic elite has essentially seized control of a significant left-wing group dedicated to extreme left-wing ideas and race-hustling.

This may not seem to be a significant problem. It's not like BLM was a neutral or centrist organization that was suddenly taken over by Democrats. On the contrary, the group, which is now under severe investigation for leadership corruption, dodgy financing, and delayed disclosure, has long been open about its radical goals. The group's founder acknowledged to the group's adoption of Marxism, and its website used to promote its contempt for the conventional nuclear family.

The issue emerges from the tenacity of the "Black Lives Matter" brand and what it implies if leaders inside the Democratic establishment now officially claim it.

The brilliance and frustration of the Black Lives Matter movement has always been that by virtue of its name, it cannot be simply defeated, since it is undeniable that black lives do matter. By branding itself "Black Lives Matter," the group legitimizes its own activities as well as those of its larger movement, including violent riots carried out by its supporters. Furthermore, it maintains a rhetorical advantage over its opponents: "Only racists would argue with "Black Lives Matter," they yell over their detractors.

As a result, while other political sloganeering is not permitted, support for the group is unquestionable. Schoolchildren may wear masks that read "Black Lives Matter," but they must take them off if they say "Jesus Loves Me." No flags could be flown from the balcony as part of my previous apartment lease agreement, yet BLM flags fluttered gloriously from neighbouring apartments without a word from the management office. Arson, murder, and property damage by BLM rioters are shown on network television with hygienic "fiery but generally peaceful demonstrations" chyrons.

During the 2020 summer of fury, even an impartial federal agency attempted to claim that supporting "Black Lives Matter" isn't political or partisan.

Except that this is now even more blatantly incorrect. The phrase that overrides all arguments — and the organization it symbolizes — were formerly tacitly associated with the left, but Democrats now own and control both outright. Whereas it was previously impossible to disagree with "Black Lives Matter," it is now impossible to disagree with the Democratic establishment itself. It's the ultimate narrative-setting power.

What could be worse than a Democrat with a lot of power? Democrats with a lot of money and a lot of power. When BLM founder Patrisse Cullors stepped down from her position and the two activists she nominated to succeed her declined the offer, she left behind BLM accounts totaling nearly $60 million, and it was unknown what would happen to these large funds and who would be in charge of managing them.

"Given the amount of money involved, this is quite incredible," CharityWatch Executive Director Laurie Styron told the Examiner. "The biggest transparency problem I have encountered in my 18 years as a charity inspector is not knowing who is in control of $60+ million gathered by the national charity arm of possibly the most prominent social justice organization in the country."

However, according to BLM's recently disclosed charitable organization registration, its "books are in the custody of... the organization," which is "located at... c/o Elias Law Group." Bingo.

The sanitized cover that formerly applied to the operations of the "racial justice" group will now very certainly apply to the race-hustling Democrats cloaked by the adhesive label "Black Lives Matter" — and it's a lot of green.

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