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Zach Wilson's ex says that he slept with the best friend of his mom

Dax Milne, a wide receiver with the Washington Commanders, is reportedly seeing Zach Wilson's ex-girlfriend, who allegedly accused the Jets quarterback of cheating on her with his mother's closest friend.

With a sweet Instagram picture on Saturday, Milne seemed to confirm his romance with Abbey Gile, the ex-girlfriend of his former best friend.

He posted two pictures of himself on a beach holding hands and snuggling his new flame, who never revealed her face, along with the caption "Word on the street."

The mystery beauty was identified as Gile, according to the sports website uStadium, which also noted that former housemates and BFFs Wilson and Milne "no longer follow each other on Twitter or IG."

Abbey Gile and Zach Wilson
Zach Wilson’s ex-girlfriend, Abbey Gile, has accused the football player of sleeping with his mom’s best friend.
Dax Milne and Abbey Gile
Dax Milne and Abbey Gile
Sports site uStadium said the “word on the IG streets” was that the woman in Dax Milne’s post was Abbey Gile.

According to the website, Gile, who split up with Wilson, her high school love, earlier this year, acknowledged the connection in a video posted to her Instagram account. By Monday, the video had been taken down.

But in response to a commenter who called her a "homie hopper" for dating her longstanding ex's former best friend, according to screenshots that were widely circulated online, Gile allegedly went even farther.

Abbey Gile and Zach Wilson
Abbey Gile and Zach Wilson were high school sweethearts.
Credit abbey.gile/Instagram

In a since-deleted comment, she said that Wilson “was sleeping with his mom’s best friend … that’s the real homie hopper,” she wrote with two laughing emojis.

Immediately after Milne's initial amorous Instagram post, Gile canceled her account and Milne blocked any comments on it.

Wilson's mom's best friend was never named, and it doesn't seem like the quarterback has addressed the issue.

Abbey Gile
Gile quickly deleted her Instagram account after launching the accusation.
Dax Milne
Former roommates and BFFs Dax Milne (pictured) and Zach Wilson reportedly “no longer follow each other on Twitter or IG.”
Getty Images

The rumors sparked a series of memes — with one joking that Wilson “did play for the Cougars” — as well as seemingly admiring posts from other gridiron stars.

“Zach Wilson is the [goat],” tweeted former wide receiver Chad Johnson, using a common acronym for the greatest of all time.

“Confirmed,” replied DK Metcalf with a laughing emoji.

Wilson's mom,  Lisa Neeleman Wilson
Wilson’s mom, Lisa Neeleman Wilson, posted an emotional video about online predators.
Instagram/@ lifeaccording2lisa

In the meantime, Sunday saw the sad upload of a nearly 30-minute-long Instagram video by Wilson's mother, influencer Lisa Neeleman Wilson, in which she lamented the dangers of social media and online predators.

But instead of talking about her son's love life, she talked about the misery of having her daughter hate her due to "satan" using social media.

“I full-on thought that I had mastered parenting … I was like, ‘I’m freakin’ badass, I have a kid in the NFL,'” she said, saying she was “in denial” of their lives online. “Guys, you need to take back your title as parent … You’re in charge of these beautiful babies, and I failed horribly,” she said of a “sneaky a–hole” who messaged dark porn to her daughter.


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