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Marvel Superheroes to Join Ultraman Universe in First-Ever Miniseries

The Ultraman world appears to be growing. In a historic comic book crossover story, Ultraman and Ultraseven will soon be joined by Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Captain Marvel.

This unnamed comic will be the fourth publication produced by Marvel Comics with Tsuburaya Productions, which owns the Ultraman property. The Rise of Ultraman (2020) and The Trials of Ultraman (2021) were previously published comics, with The Mystery of Ultraseven debuting this August. Kyle Higgins and Matt Groom wrote all three series.

Matt Groom made the news during the Anime Expo 2022 at the Los Angeles Convention Center (it is also the first time that Ultraman is making an in-person appearance in the USA).

The crossover series will take place in the present Marvel Ultraman comic universe, with the Ultras and Marvel superheroes combating kaiju as well as Marvel Universe supervillains. Although no kaiju or supervillains have been mentioned, concept art implies that the iconic kaiju Bemular may appear.

ultraman marvel comic crossover concept art
ultraman marvel comic crossover concept art

Eiji Tsuburaya invented Ultraman in 1966, and he is undoubtedly Japan's most recognized superhero and a pop culture phenomenon. It has inspired hundreds of television programs as well as dozens of feature films. With plans for a Shin Japan Heroes Universe (similar to the Marvel Cinematic Universe) and now this crossover comic, the brand appears to be expanding even further.

If you like Ultraman, you should watch Ultraman Seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix, watch past episodes on the Ultraman Official YouTube channel, or join the Ultraman Connection group. While you wait for the live-action Shin Ultraman to arrive at your local theater or on your preferred streaming service.

The Ultraman and Marvel comic book crossover series will be released in 2023.

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