Britney Spears claims she was not invited to her brother's wedding: ‘Go f–k yourself Bryan’

Despite rumours to the contrary, Britney Spears maintains that her brother Bryan Spears was never invited to her wedding.

“You were never invited to my wedding so why even respond ??? Do you honestly think I want my brother there who told me no to a Jack and coke for 4 years … what ???” the pop star, 40, wrote in part in a Tuesday Instagram post

“If we were going to drink together at the wedding and play the classy roles for the children like you and [our] mom [Lynne Spears] do as you literally hid coffee and alcohol when I would come home,” she continued, adding, “you hurt me and you know it !!!”

Despite being well over the legal drinking age, Britney claimed that her estranged family, including Bryan, forbade her from doing so during her four-year Las Vegas residency from 2013 to 2017. She was still subject to a legal conservatorship at the time; it was lifted in November 2021.

Britney Spears explained why she didn’t invite brother Bryan Spears to her recent wedding in a heated Instagram post.
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“And I might force myself to drink Jack tonight … look up at the moon and say ‘FUCK YOU !!!’” the Grammy winner added in her latest IG post. “I know you’re blood and yes blood runs deep but no family of mine would do what you guys did to me.”

GAG contacted Bryan for comment, but he didn't react right away.

Britney mentioned a prior Instagram Bryan posted in November 2021 when she was finally released from her nearly 14-year conservatorship in another area of her message.

“Psss … I liked your post, brother !!! Happy Britdependence Day !!! Congratulations Brit Brit !!!” she wrote. “GO F—K YOURSELF Bryan – F—k you …”

The "Toxic" singer also recognized remarks made by Bryan on her protracted conservatorship struggle during a July 2020 podcast appearance.

“I know what she wants but at the end of the day, what is the reality of that? What is the practicality of that? So are you going to call and make reservations for yourself today?” he told “As NOT Seen on TV” host Drew Plotkin at the time.

“Bryan when asked by that incredibly kind man ‘why doesn’t your family just let her be ???’ Your response was … ‘she can’t even make a dinner reservation …” Britney responded on Instagram. “None of you ever wanted it to end because you all loved telling me what to do and treating me like absolutely nothing !!!”

This week, Amber Lynn Conklin, Bryan's girlfriend, claimed that they were absent from Britney's celebrity-studded wedding to Sam Asghari because his kid had graduated from elementary school.

Britney, pictured here with her immediate family in 2003, is currently estranged from dad Jamie, mom Lynne, brother Bryan and sister Jamie Lynn Spears.

“Watched our little munchkin & Vice President of 5th grade become a middle schooler yesterday! We love you Lexie baby and SO proud of you,” Conklin posted a picture of Bryan and Lexie, the producer's daughter with his ex-wife Graciella Sanchez, who is 11 years old.

Conklin mentioned that her beau "couldn't help the timings" of his sister's wedding and his daughter's graduation, both of which were in the Los Angeles region, in the comments section of another post.

“Bryan felt terrible having to choose but he had to be there for his daughter and sent his love to Britney x1000000,” she wrote. “We are so sad to miss such an important moment but so so happy for Britney and Sam’s Marriage!”

A source previously told GAG, “Both ceremonies were around the same time. Bryan couldn’t be in two places at once and didn’t want to disappoint Lexie by running off to a wedding immediately after her moving up ceremony, where she made a special speech. He wanted to be there to celebrate his little girl.”

Britney wed Sam Asghari in an intimate ceremony held at her home on Thursday.
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Jamie Spears, Britney's father, and Jamie Lynn Spears, her sister, have all come under fire from Britney for their roles in the conservatorship, and Britney has even said they should all go to jail for it.

Britney once stated that she intended to sue her 69-year-old father for "conservatorship abuse." In order to manage his renowned daughter's personal, medical, and financial issues, he formed it in 2008.


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