After a date with an unknown woman, Shaquille O'Neal pays for the whole restaurant

On Sunday, NBA star Shaquille O'Neal was in a giving mood after a date night over chicken satay.

We hear that the former basketball player, who is now a sports commentator, went to the popular Chelsea club Jue Lan Club with a mystery woman at about 8:30 p.m. By the end of the night, he had paid for everything at the restaurant.

We heard from spies that he walked in with a woman he called "my date" and ordered Beijing chicken, shrimp tempura, and the restaurant's famous chicken satay. "She put in all the orders," a Page Six source said.

After eating, O'Neal, who is 50 years old, bought dinner for all of the servers.

"On top of all that, he paid for everyone's bill at the restaurant," the source said.

Shaq’s date reportedly “did all the ordering” at Manhattan’s Jue Lan Club.
Jue Lan Club/YouTube

We were told that O'Neal tried to hide his kindness from the other diners. Our source says that he asked the staff not to say that he was paying for more than 40 tables until he left the restaurant.

We were told that "well over $25,000" in checks paid for the bill. O'Neal was also "extremely kind" to the people who worked for Jue Lan. A source said, "He gave them the best tip they've ever gotten."

In addition to picking up the tab for his fellow diners, Shaq also bought dinner for the entire wait staff.
Jue Lan Club/YouTube

When we asked O'Neal's rep about his expensive date night, we didn't hear back.

Recently, the Lakers legend was said to be dating actress Annie Ilonzeh in 2021. He had said before that he was to blame for his divorce from ex-wife Shaunie in 2011. In May, Shaunie married pastor Keion Henderson.


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