Brie Larson shows off a nasty bruise in bikini

In her most recent Instagram post, Brie Larson showed off more than just her impressive abs.

The 32-year-old actress who won an Oscar showed on Sunday that getting a body like hers takes hard, and sometimes dangerous, work.

“Summer is here but bruises from training are in every season  😂,” she wrote.

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In the photo, Larson is seen lounging on a carpet in an orange, floral side-tie bikini with a large bruise visible on the back of her thigh.

Fans were quick to comment on the “Room” star’s beauty — and rather large welt.

“This shouldn’t come off as criticism but next time be careful with what you post! I have asthma and you absolutely took my breath away,” one user joked.


“Bruised or not you are so freaking pretty Brie!!!❤️,” a third chimed in.

Larson has always taken her preparation for movie roles very seriously, having trained for “over a year” to lead 2019’s “Captain Marvel.”

“Six months heavy training, then three months with stuntmen,” she said at the time. “I did everything, including skydiving. Professionals set it all up, but I did it.”

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Recently, Larson stopped for some shaved ice while on vacation in Hawaii.

And as if the "Fast and Furious" movies didn't already have enough people with chiseled abs, Vin Diesel announced in April that Larson would be joining the cast for the 10th movie.

"Besides her beauty, her brain... "Her Oscar, haha, is this deep soul who will give you something you might not have expected but longed for," Diesel, 54, wrote in an Instagram post. "Welcome to the FAMILY, Brie!


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