Amber Heard was seen in the Hamptons having a low-key dinner

Amber Heard may have lost the big court case she had with Johnny Depp, but she handled her life after the trial much better than her ex-husband.

While Depp, 59, celebrated by shutting down a curry house in Birmingham, England, so he and his friends could have a big meal, Page Six spies saw Heard, 36, having a quiet dinner out in the Hamptons after her high-profile court loss.

On June 5, when the judge gave Depp $15 million, he spent $62,000 on a fancy dinner, champagne, and cocktails at an Indian restaurant with friends, including rock legend Jeff Beck. Heard, on the other hand, ate a much quieter meal to get over her loss.

People at nearby restaurants say they saw the "Aquaman" star, who just won $2 million, eating at a Greek restaurant in Water Mill with her sister, Whitney Heard, and Whitney's two kids.

Amber was called names on social media during the whole thing, and it doesn't look like she's hiding from her Hollywood friends either, since the restaurant Calissa is a popular place for A-listers in the Hamptons.

A person at the restaurant says, "It was nice to see her back out living her life."

After their messy divorce in 2017, the ex-spouses sued each other for defamation over things said after the split. The judge ruled strongly in Depp's favor on June 1, even though the "Pirates of the Caribbean" star had lost a similar court case with a newspaper in the UK last year.

Whitney stood by Amber during the trial and wrote on Instagram after the verdict, "I still stand with you, sissy."

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Heard lost her recent case against ex Johnny Depp.
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Amber will talk about the trial in a sit-down interview that will air on "Dateline" on Friday. Clips from the interview will air on "The Today Show" all week.

In a preview that aired on Monday, she said that she doesn't blame the jury for what they decided.

She told Savannah Guthrie, "I don't blame them, because I get it." "People like him, and they feel like they know him. "He is a great actor."

Amber had said before that the result was a "setback" for women.

This month, Depp was seen getting out of his hotel with the help of bodyguards. He looked like he had been in a fight. A source told Page Six that the "Edward Scissorhands" star's security team was keeping him safe and away from "large crowds" of people who wanted to see him.

Our insider said, "Everywhere he goes, fans surround him."

In the meantime, Depp's lawyer was seen last week in New York City celebrating the win and her promotion to partner at her law firm.


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