How Paulina's advice from Wayne Gretzky led to Dustin Johnson's marriage

If the Great One knew something, he knew it.

In an Instagram "ask me anything" on Sunday, Paulina Gretzky talked about her relationship with now-husband Dustin Johnson. She said that her father, Wayne Gretzky, had a first impression of the 37-year-old golfer.

Gretzky told a fan, "He told me I should marry him."

Paulina Gretzky recently opened up about her relationship with now-husband, Dustin Johnson, during an Instagram “ask me anything.”
Instagram/Paulina Gretzky
In one post shared Sunday on her Instagram Story, Paulina Gretzky revealed what her father, Wayne Gretzky, initially thought about Dustin Johnson.
Instagram/Paulina Gretzky
Paulina Gretzky (right) with dad Wayne Gretzky and sister Emma Gretzky
Instagram/Paulina Gretzky

Gretzky, who was 33 at the time, took her father's advice and said yes to Johnson's marriage proposal in 2013. The wedding took place at the beautiful Blackberry Farm in Tennessee last April.

In a separate post on Sunday, Gretzky also showed fans a video from her and Johnson's beautiful wedding that had never been seen before. She also said that her father, Wayne, 61, gave her the best dating advice she's ever gotten.

“The best dating advice I ever received was from my dad,” Gretzky wrote in a post. “He told me to weigh the pros and cons of dating someone. If there are few cons and many pros, then don’t rule them out right away. If the cons outweigh the pros, then don’t try to be the person who thinks they can change them.”

Paulina Gretzky also posted a never-before-seen video from her and Dustin Johnson’s wedding on Instagram over the weekend.
Instagram/Paulina Gretzky
Paulina Gretzky also shared the best dating tip she received in a separate Instagram post on Sunday.
Instagram/Paulina Gretzky
Dustin Johnson participated in the inaugural LIV Golf event over the weekend in the UK.
Getty Images

Gretzky has written a lot about her relationship with Johnson, including a recent trip they took with their friends to the Bahamas. When they got back, Johnson said he was leaving the PGA Tour to join LIV Golf, which is backed by the Saudis.

Johnson said at his LIV press conference on Tuesday, referring to Gretzky and the couple's two sons, Tatum, 7, and River, 5, "I chose what's best for me and my family."

Johnson reportedly got $125 million to leave the PGA Tour for the rival LIV, which had its first event in the UK this past week. Charl Schwartzel, who had won the Masters before, won the first tournament and took home $4.75 million as the winner.


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