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After Pat Perez left the PGA Tour for the LIV Tour, his wife went on a strange Instagram rant

Pat Perez's wife doesn't want to be called out on Instagram.

Ashley Perez went on a strange rant on Instagram on Friday night, just a few hours after Pat's decision to join the Saudi-backed LIV Tour was made public. Perez is the latest pro golfer from the PGA Tour to join the controversial LIV circuit. Phil Mickelson, Dustin Johnson, Bryson DeChambeau, and Patrick Reed are already there.

“So if anybody feels the need to say anything and I mean anything negative about Pat going to the LIV Tour, you will be blocked,” Ashley Perez said on the Instagram Live video. “Just like 200, maybe even 300 people are already. And you’ll never be back in. Anyways that being said, I love you all, cherish you all ’till you say same bulls—t that I don’t like. I don’t want it, I don’t need it, I will not accept it, I will not allow it in my world ever.

“So, if you feel the need to say something go ahead and just f—king delete me from your page. I won’t miss you. This new tour is going to be ICONIC.”

Pat Perez during the Charles Schwab Challenge on May 28, 2022.
Getty Images

Ashley gave a hint at the type of criticism she was receiving at the beginning of her statement. She also went on to post multiple screen grabs of support and hate she had received.

“Hello my Instagram family. I feel so dumb having to go on here and having to do this video for you guys,” Ashley said. “But I just wanted to throw something out into the universe. My Instagram platform is not me, myself promoting my body in a sexual way for you guys to go home and enjoy yourself with. 

“Nor is it promoting useless s—t I don’t use that I am trying to sell and promote to you. My Instagram is solely based only my family.”

Pat and Ashley Perez
Ashley Perez/Instagram

Brian Wacker of the Post said that Perez would get about $10 million to switch to the LIV Tour. Perez will also no longer be able to play on the PGA Tour. The 46-year-old has made about $28 million over the course of his career.

Ashley later said in an Instagram video that Michael Jordan had called Perez on Friday night to reassure him that he would still be sponsored by Jordan Brand.

In a strange twist, Perez was one of the most vocal people when Mickelson first said he was in favor of negotiating with the rival tour, even though the Saudi government was violating human rights.

“His apology was such horses–t,” Perez said. “In the fact that he thought he was trying to make it better for the players. He was in it for one reason. If anybody thinks he wasn’t in it for his own pocket, and his pocket only, is (blanking) high. They are f–king crazy.

“He was in it for himself. Why he went down two different avenues and basically buried himself on both, I can’t figure it out.”

Ashley Perez on her Instagram video
Ashley Perez/Instagram

This week, the LIV Tour began at The Centurion Club near London. Saturday morning, in the middle of the third and final round, Charl Schwarzel had a big lead. The winner will receive $4 million.


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