What Trump could not accomplish, Biden accomplished with ease: Saudi Arabia now will be closest friends with Israel

Since Biden's election, the United States' Middle East policy appears to have shifted 180 degrees.

Previously, both Israel and Saudi Arabia relied on the US as a stable ally. Despite the fact that none of these countries has official relations with the US, they were both fervent supporters of the US. Former US President Donald Trump even attempted to bring the two countries closer together by establishing "Abraham agreements."

Source – Al Jazeera

In an indirect sense, Biden's efforts to limit ties with Saudi Arabia are assisting Israel and Saudi Arabia in becoming lifetime allies.

Biden was irritated Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

In 2019, Biden suggested that the monarchy should be considered as a pariah state due to human-rights crimes, such as the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, which incensed Saudi Arabia's Mohammed bin Salman. Saudi Arabia has been upset by Biden's refusal to consult Arab countries on the Iran nuclear deal, as well as his bias toward Iran and the region's Iran-backed Houthis. Biden has also been tolerant of Iran and the Houthi rebels, who are backed by Iran. Last year, the US Department of State reversed a Trump administration decision to classify the Houthis as "foreign terrorist organizations" and sanction them.

This has deeply infuriated Saudi Arabia. Gulf states led by Saudi Arabia are now attempting to build ties with Putin. Russia and OPEC+ have expanded their cooperation on oil output levels. Furthermore, when the US pleaded with Arab countries to increase crude oil supply to help bring down high oil prices, they refused. Saudi Arabia did not follow the lead of the United States in becoming a credible alternative to Russian oil. MBS even turned down Biden's phone call. Instead, he spoke with Putin over the phone. Furthermore, Saudi Arabia traded in yuan against the US's interests.

Source – CNN

From adversary to friend

After abandoning its connection with the United States, Saudi Arabia is now looking forward to a great partnership with Israel. It is worth remembering, however, that they were previously a major rival in the region. Whatever the situation, their animosity toward Israel has not changed, despite the fact that Iran is their biggest foe.

However, during the past 2-3 years, the conflict between Saudi Arabia and Israel has been diminishing. MBS stated in an interview with the American magazine 'The Atlantic' in 2018 that Israelis have the right to live peacefully on their own territory, reversing Saudi policy. Business transactions between the two countries are increasing through back routes. Israel recently evaluated Saudi Arabia's proposal to change the international status of Tiran and Sanafir in the Red Sea and hand them over to the Saudis.

However, with Biden on his way to Saudi Arabia for a special meeting with MBS, things in Riyadh are looking up. Biden is seeking to soothe MBS, and the US president is planning other actions. Saudi Arabia, on the other hand, has taken an interest in Israel. Jared Kushner appeared to exploit his position as a mediator during the process. Saudi Arabia may be looking at this new axis in the hopes of re-electing Trump, but the credit for bringing the two countries together belongs solely to Biden, despite the fact that he did nothing to bring them together.


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