What Happened to the United States to Make It La La Land?

It appears that nothing is working. And no one seems to give a damn.

In the previous 14 months, America has resembled a dystopia. It's turning into a hybrid of George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four and Homer's Land of the Lotus-Eaters.

It appears that nothing is working. And no one in power seemed to be concerned.

The once-secure 2020 border has vanished. In the last year, two million individuals have unlawfully entered the southern border. Hundreds of millions more are on their way.

The Biden Administration simply and unilaterally repealed current immigration legislation.

The events that followed were bizarre. COVID, according to the administration, was on the horizon once more. As a result, it was justified in requiring Americans to continue wearing masks in public places and on public transit. However, it exempted unlawful entrants from all of these restrictions.

Citizens who followed our laws were required to wear masks; foreign foreigners who broke them were not required to do so.

As near-criminals mounted border guards who used long reins to stabilize their horses, Biden screamed. He went silent when the investigation cleared them of wrongdoing. This government appears to regard American border patrol officers as criminals, while non-Americans who transgress our laws are viewed as moral superiors.

Biden then devised the ideal formula for resurrecting the inflation of the 1970s.

More money should be printed. Run up annual deficits in the trillions of dollars. On top of a $30 trillion national debt, borrow trillions. Pay generously to employees who stay at home. Shrug off supply-chain interruptions in the past.

Biden went fetal and rejected the warnings when informed that his deliberate policies are the classic pathways to inflation. Or he retaliated by blaming everyone and everything for his own suicidal plans.

We first heard that inflation was only temporary. It was merely a worry of the upper crust back then. Then it was just a matter of running out of exercise equipment. Then it was solely due to Vladimir Putin's actions. Then it was also a result of Donald Trump, in some way. Presidents had no power to stop it back then because it was an organic phenomenon.

Until the Biden Administration, America was energy self-sufficient. Biden promptly began canceling federal oil and gas leases on the direction of his Green New Deal masters. He halted the construction of new pipelines. He was adamant in his opposition to fossil-fuel production being financed privately.

Biden was hellbent on making good on his campaign vow to phase out the use of natural gas and oil during his presidency.

Then prices skyrocketed, and the public became enraged. As a result, there was even greater incoherence.

The Biden administration's damaging energy policies would not be reversed. However, as the ship sank in despair, Biden pleaded with America's adversaries Iran, Russia, and Venezuela to pump more oil on our behalf. It pleaded with Saudi Arabia in vain to make more of the despised nasty substance that we had plenty of but couldn't fully produce ourselves.

Biden drew on the country's strategic petroleum stockpile. The existential threat, however, was not war or natural disaster, but Biden and his far more deadly policies.

We simply fled when we saw the relatively manageable situation in Afghanistan from afar. The Taliban terrorists rapidly gained control and reestablished medieval authority.

A $1 billion embassy was abandoned, and a $300 million refurbished airbase at Bagram was dropped. Taliban terrorists were left with almost $70 billion in military supplies and weapons.

Thousands of refugees were transported into the United States without being vetted. Meanwhile, hundreds of known US military interpreters and assistants were left behind.

As public fury rose, Biden, in classic Biden manner, blamed his generals for the Afghan disaster. Then he pointed the finger at Trump. Then he denied ever claiming that the war was going well.

Finally, the public was told that the humiliating escape had been a near-perfect logistical evacuation, as if America should be proud of its ability to flee rather than fight.

What explains an America that has suddenly ceased to function?

To begin with, all of these issues are self-inflicted. They didn't exist until Biden, for ideological or political reasons, gave birth to them. His administration, it seemed, desired a shifting, more favorable electorate and demography at all costs.

Perhaps Biden was pleased that cash-strapped commuters had to use less gasoline. Perhaps the more money he printed, the more politically he would be rewarded.

Second, because of the ideological constraints put on him by the Left, Biden has no solutions to these self-created difficulties.

The administration is more concerned with the outrage of the radical Left than with the outrage of the American people. As a result, it will not change, preferring to be politically acceptable while failing rather than ideologically incorrect while succeeding.

Third, when individuals raise objections, this government responds by blaming others for its own disaster or by looking for distractions. Now it's blaming gun owners for the crime wave they created, alleged "white supremacists" for the racial tensions they stoked, and Putin, whom they bribed.

What's the lowest common denominator? Biden is well aware that he inherited a stable, affluent America, which he has nearly destroyed.

And he is well aware that the American people are aware of this.

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