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The top five metaverse crypto projects to keep an eye on in 2022

As of late 2021, the word "metaverse" has become increasingly popular in the context of the cryptocurrency business.

Using metaverses, crypto initiatives can change the way people interact with each other and the world around them. Furthermore, virtual worlds provide up avenues for the ownership and commercialization of digital assets and in-game purchases, which has the potential to revolutionize a wide range of industries.

Here, we'll take a look at some of the most promising 2022 metaverse crypto projects, emphasizing their key characteristics and long-term value potential.

The five most promising crypto-metaverse initiatives for 2022

Ahead, we've compiled a list of the five most promising crypto projects for the year 2022. In the following section, we'll examine each of these initiatives in greater detail, focusing on why they've been judged so valuable.

  • Decentraland is a 3D Metaverse World that can be made money from.
  • Silks is the best crypto project in the world for 2022.
  • Enjin is a platform for making NFTs that is easy for people to use.
  • The Sandbox is an exciting project in the Metaverse that allows you to make it your own.
  • Bloktopia is a project that makes a skyscraper-based metaverse with VR capabilities.

Decentraland is a 3D Metaverse World that can be made money from.

Another new crypto project in the metaverse is called Decentraland, and you should know about that one as well. Virtual world Decentraland is built on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a 3D virtual world. In 2020, Decentraland first came out. Over the last year, the metaverse has become more popular, and Decentraland has become more popular because of this. Players in this virtual world can make avatars and buy land, which they can use to make rich content in the world.

Because Decentraland's in-game items are made up of NFTs, this allows for a lively ecosystem where players can make money from their activities. The Decentraland Marketplace lets players trade a variety of items, all of which are worth $MANA, the native token of Decentraland. Finally, owning virtual land can be a way to make money, because players can use the land to advertise and do other things that make money.

Silks is good crypto project in the world for 2022.

Silks is an upcoming metaverse project that wants to build on the success of other P2E games and go even further. It's called Silks, and it's a P2E game that can be played on the blockchain. It's based on the thoroughbred horse racing industry.

Players in this metaverse can buy Silks avatars and own Silks horses, which are digital representations of real-world thoroughbred horses and are called NFTs. This allows Silks to have a self-sustaining market where people can trade Silks horses and get money when their value rises.

These Silks horses are very interesting because they are linked to real-world horses by using a lot of information about thoroughbred horses, like their bloodlines, development history, and race results, to make the link.

Even though these datasets will be centralized at first, they will become completely decentralized over time as Silks grows and more people use it. Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus ensures that the data used to link Silks horses to the real world is correct. The miners who do this work are rewarded with $SLK, Silks' governance token, as a reward.

Metaverse P2E elements are made up of the 1-to-1 link between Silks horses and their real-world counterparts; it's what makes them up. In the Silks white paper, it says that Silks horse owners will get money when their real-world counterpart wins a race. Owners can also get money through an innovative staking mechanism. This means that these rewards will be paid out in $STT, Silks' non-inflationary transactional token.

Silks players can also get "breeding rewards" when their real-world horse is old enough to become a broodmare or a stallion. In order to coincide with yearling (one-year-old thoroughbred) auctions, each year a new batch of Silks horses will be made. Any offspring from a retired Silks horse that are sold will earn the owner of the parent horse $STT.

If you're good at something, you can make money by "pinhooking." This is because the Silks metaverse uses a lot of data from the real world. This refers to Silks horses being bought and sold before they have run their first race in the real world. Silks players who know a lot about the thoroughbred racing industry can make money when an unraced horse's value changes, which is another way to make money.

Enjin is a platform for making NFTs that is easy to use.

Enjin is a metaverse project that is different from the others on this list because it doesn't have a virtual world full of games. Instead, Enjin makes it easy for people to make NFTs, which they can then use in blockchain-based metaverse games. Enjin's software development kit (SDK) makes it possible for anyone to make Ethereum-based NFTs. This has led to more than 1.1 billion digital assets being made using Enjin's system.

One of the best things about using Enjin to make NFTs is that it makes sure there is some level of liquidity at all times. In other words, anyone who makes NFTs with Enjin, like digital art, in-game items, or virtual real estate, can always "melt" their NFT in exchange for $ENJ, the native token of Enjin. The melting value of each Enjin NFT will be different, but this means that no Enjin NFT will ever be worthless.


The Enjin Coin wants to help the $17 billion virtual goods market. By putting game assets on the blockchain, they hope to stop fraud in the industry, which some estimates say affects about 80% of all transactions.

The gaming industry and gamers would be a lot better if that happened. With Enjin's huge customer base, the coin should be able to get a lot of use very quickly.

It's still a new project, and it hasn't been done before. Doing well so far. If they want to show that the Enjin Coin is a real thing, they'll have to keep up with their roadmap goals and keep meeting them.

If they work with Unity, this should help them reach one of their main goals, which is to make real-world blockchain games. This will help spread the use of the Enjin Coin even more. We don't know for sure what will happen with this project yet.

A lot has happened with the Enjin project since 2019. It now has an easy-to-use blockchain explorer, as well as a browser that can be used inside your wallet. It also allows you to buy or sell the things you get from playing multiverse games.

The more the project grows, the more people will start to use it. What the project needs now is a big game that draws in a lot of people. With that one big game, they could bring both the ENJ coin and the Multiverse into the mainstream.

The Sandbox is an exciting project in the metaverse that allows you to make it your own.

It's a virtual world like Decentraland, but The Sandbox is built on the Ethereum platform. Players can explore, buy virtual land, and interact with other gamers. These things are called "Non-Fictional Things," or NFTs. They can be traded on the platform called "The Sandbox Shop." This marketplace is powered by $SAND, which is the transactional token for The Sandbox.


However, The Sandbox is very different from other games because it allows you to make your own game. VoxEdit is a service that helps The Sandbox do this. This is a 3D voxel modeling and NFT creation software that helps The Sandbox do this, as well.

Finally, this means that The Sandbox players can make pretty much anything they want, and they can then sell their creations to other players through The Sandbox's marketplace.

The Sandbox seems to be the strongest project in the metaverse because it has a lot of collaborations and updates and events. Because the server that hosts The Sandbox platform doesn't seem to be very decentralized, this is one of the most important things to keep an eye on. You can't get the game to work because it's hosted on AWS. It's also not very practical for gaming projects to use the Ethereum blockchain because of a recent rise in gas prices. The platform and the Marketplace are both on the Ethereum blockchain. As long as you're ETH rich. On the bright side, the team is thinking about adding a layer 2 to the market in the future. Layer 2 solutions like Polygon and Immutable X will cut gas costs by a lot and make the project a lot more likely to be used by a lot of people.

Bloktopia is a project that makes a skyscraper-based metaverse with VR capabilities.

Bloktopia is a new metaverse project that is set to start in 2022. It is built on the Polygon network. The Bloktopia metaverse is based on a skyscraper with 21 floors because there are 21 million Bitcoins in the world. Players in Bloktopia, who are called "Bloktians," will be able to buy real estate in this virtual skyscraper and make money through value appreciation, leasing, or even digital advertising.

One of the things that makes Bloktopia unique is that the metaverse will be in VR, which means that users will likely need a VR headset to play. This gives you a real-life experience that computer-based games can't match, and it will open up new ways to make content. As the project is still in development, the Bloktopia team has said that avatars and other in-game items will be NFTs and will be worth $BLOK, the game's transactional token.

The projects above have a lot of power to change things, especially in the field of play-to-earn (P2E) gaming. Let's go a little deeper into each of these projects and talk about the things that make them so interesting.

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