Top 10 Best NCAAB March Madness Moments of All Time.

Best Shots, Blocks, And Fights To Rewatch Before March Madness 2022

It's almost that time of year again. March - the month that is the highlight of any basketball fan's calendars. A month of non-stop basketball featuring some of the most exciting talents in the country. 

Many of the all-time greats of the NBA players first came to fame in March Madness - so if you love basketball then you won't want to miss a single game. 

Today, we're going to be looking back at some of this sporting event's greatest moments. 

#10 - Kyle Guy Vs Auburn 

Virginia shocked the world by becoming the first Seed-1 team to lose to a team ranked lower than Seed-15 in over a decade. But they still managed to get themselves back to first seed the next year. However, fans were understandably a little bit worried. 

Virginia did make a run into the Final 4 - led by Ty Jerome, DeAndre Hunter, and Kyle Guy. 

It was a shame that these three were never reunited in the NBA. In this particular match, against Auburn Kyle Guy reminded everyone why his team was Seed-1. He made a match-winning throw in the final three minutes and took them into the final. 

#9 - Jimmer Fredette Averages 33 Points 

In his junior year, Fredette took the NCAAB by storm - scoring an average of 22.1 points per game across the whole season - putting himself in the top 10% of all players that year. 

Then, in the 2011 March Madness, he went on to score an average of 33 points in the three games he played. He topped the tournament scoreboard for Point Guards and earned himself the nickname Jimmer Range. 

#8 - Kentucky Score No Points In 2015 

Can you remember the last time you saw a team score no points in a basketball game? We can't either. 

However, in 2015 Kentucky lost 38-0 to Wisconsin. It happened in the Final 4 and Wisconsin had odds of 34-3 to win that match. You find this year's March Madness odds here. 

#7 - Villanova VS UNC in 2016 

If you had told us that UNC in 2016 - with an amazing roster of players and one of the best college basketball coaches of all time at their side - would be losing to Villanova… Well, we would have laughed at you. 

With 4 seconds left on the clock, it was 74-74 all. However, after a miracle shot from their player Jenkins, Villanova shocked the world and won the match with less than a second on the clock. 

#6 - Florida Gulf Coast Break A Record 

It is hard to believe that no Seed-15 team had won two games in a single March Madness until 2013. But Florida Gulf Coast did it and blew us all away. 

They started by knocking out Seed-2 Hoyas 25-6. Then they went on to knock out San Diego State 81-71 in the next round. 

#5  - Middle Tennessee State Join An Exclusive Club 

There are 7 Seed-15 teams that have beaten a Seed-2 team or higher - in 2016, Middle Tennessee State joined this club. 

In 2016, Michigan was 29-5 for the season, so it was a real shock when Middle Tennessee State not only put 90 points past the MS team, but they also beat them 90-81. 

#4 - Ramblers Of Loyola Chicago Make The Magic Run 

You're probably wondering, how many Seed-11 teams have made it into The Final 4? Well, the answer is 4 including this amazing run from the Ramblers of Loyola Chicago in 2018. 

In the Round of 64, they beat Seed-6 Miami. Then in the Round of 32, they beat Seed-3 Tennessee. And in the Round of 16, they knocked out Nevada who was the 7th seed. 

Sadly they were knocked out by 9th seed Kansas City. 

#3 - The Most Unexpected Day - 2012 (Part 1) 

On one day in 2012, two Seed-15 teams won on the same day for the first time ever. 

This was so exciting because a Seed-15 team has a 6% chance of winning in the Round of 64 - the chance of two Seed-16 teams winning in that round is 1.5%. 

The first team to win on that day was Norfolk State who beat Missouri - who were the Seed-2 team. 

#2 - The Most Unexpected Day - 2012 (Part 2) 

The second team to cause a big upset in the Round of 64 in 2012 was Lehigh Mountain Hawks. 

The Mountain Hawks were up against the Seed-2 team, Duke. It was a close match but it ended 75-70 to the Seed-15 team. 

Two Seed-15 teams had never won in the same before 2012 and it has never happened since. It may never happen again. 

#1 - 16-Seed Miracle

Before 2018, there had been 131 matches between Seed-1 teams and Seed-16 teams. The Seed-1 teams had won every single time. Then in 2018, The University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) took on the University of Virginia. 

The Retrievers ended the match 74-54. It was possibly the biggest upset in the history of March Madness. 



There have been so many amazing March Madness moments over the last 83 that it has been really difficult to narrow this list down to a number as small as 10. What makes March Madness so exciting is that anything can happen. Teams often surprise us and we're excited to see what happens this year. 

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