A Guide To the Most Played Live Casino Games

Live casino is one of the innovative ways that the modern world of casino games meets the traditional scene. Dealers are usually seen on a live stream through a video and will provide another level of interactivity for all players who tune in at the correct time.

You don’t have to go to Vegas or Macau to enjoy playing live casino games. Thanks to live casinos there is no need to leave the comfort of your own home. This means that it is significantly more convenient than traditional bricks and mortar casinos.  

Live casinos offer a wide variety of games, from roulette to blackjack. Some even offer baccarat, craps, poker, and other table games. You can play live casino games for real money easily, thanks to the modern world. These are some of the most played live casino games, and what makes people tune into certain games more often than others. 


A highly popular game in-person and online is blackjack because it takes much less time to play than poker. This is because of the relatively simple set of rules and basic concept which helps make this one of the most fast-paced casino games out there. More people than ever before are tuning into playing live blackjack, and there are more platforms for it than there have ever been in the past. 

Live Dealer Blackjack Variants - Play at the Best Online Casinos

Why Live Blackjack?

Many people enjoy playing blackjack through live casino game platforms because they can easily see the cards being dealt and make sure that they are being shuffled without bias. Try to avoid this by taking a closer look at the dealer with a live casino’s video display. Ensuring objectivity is highly important when you are playing for real money, and it is worth comparing your options for games and possible house advantages. 

Blackjack Unlimited

Live casino platforms have their own selection of advantages and bonus schemes. Some live blackjack games will have the word ‘unlimited’ or ‘infinite’ in the description. This makes it easier to generate a higher payout at the end, because it is easier to play back-to-back games of blackjack. 


Another highly popular game played on many live casino platforms is roulette. It has a very similar feel to it as playing in-person does, which is ideal for someone who wants a more immersive experience from this game. The wheel can be less entertaining to play online, whereas players can benefit from the video feature of live casinos in this way.

Live Casino Games – Play with real dealers

Being able to feel more involved with the game and placing bets accordingly allows you to gain more satisfaction from the experience. This can even encourage you to explore more live casino game options. 

Roulette is a classic game that is a huge part of many casinos. Playing live roulette can be exciting because it has the same wheel which is used in bricks and mortar casinos. 


Another game which is surprisingly popular among live casinos is craps. While it was originally played in the streets, players can tune in from all over the world and interact with one another on the live chat platforms. 

Craps Live is Online | Evolution Gaming | Onlinegambling24.com

It is easy to place bets and communicate with the dealer too. For a completely immersive experience without leaving the house, it is definitely worth giving live online craps a try. 


Of course, poker is one of the most popular casino games out there that has shaped the industry into what it is today. Make sure you try out live poker games online so that you can work on your strategy, test it out, and see how other players are making their moves. 

Whether you want to interact with players and chat from the sidelines as an audience member, or if you are keen to play a round of live poker with the dealer on video, poker is extremely popular and tense. 

Popular Poker Games For Beginners: Have Some Fun

This is a game that is made even more intense and thrilling by the addition of a live video platform, and players feel more comfortable placing higher wagers and total bets when they can see the dealer. 

Playing live poker can be a great way to improve your knowledge of the game, and figure out some of the more subtle tricks that will help you win big. This is definitely an advantage of many online casinos, but it is even more so with live casino games which involve a video with the dealer. 


There are many unique advantages that live casino games can provide. These include being able to work on your strategy, knowledge of the game, and subtle tactics. Another huge advantage is that players are more likely to place higher bets when they can see the dealer in real time, as it proves that they are being objective. 

Ensure that you are making the most out of your online casino experience by checking when the next live game is, and joining in with the chat. This can encourage you to interact with players across the globe and potentially create friendships with people who share the same interests as you.

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