7 Surprising Statistics About Super Bowl LVI Spending and Attendance

Here's how much extra your Super Bowl party will cost due to inflation this year.

The major inflation index at the end of 2021 showed consumer prices increasing 7%, raising concerns about the path of inflation in 2022. To make things worse, figures published this week by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reveal that consumer price inflation in the United States at the end of January was 7.5 percent on an annualized basis.

The Wall Street Journal is predicting 5% food inflation in the first half of 2022 with our McNair Center predicting food prices could inflate by 7% or higher by the end of 2022.

Two causes will push up food costs in 2022. The first will be our unpredictable and out-of-synch global and domestic supply chains. The second and most important source of rising future food inflation in the United States will be the Federal Reserve's ongoing expansionary monetary policies. Simply said, the government of the United States will continue to create more money each month, exceeding the economy's creation of products, services, and assets. Prices will continue to climb as more money chases fewer commodities, services, and assets.

We carefully examined data from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the United States Bureau of Economic Analysis, the United States Federal Reserve Bank, Statista, and the National Retail Federation on issues related to the upcoming 56th Super Bowl, and then came to the following conclusions about money spent on and around the Super Bowl and related festivities.
  1. We estimate that about 185 million Americans, or 55.6 percent of the U.S. population, will watch the Super Bowl on television, computers, mobile devices, or radio on Sunday. A record 117 million people will watch the game on television, with about 90 million of those 117 million attending or hosting a Super Bowl party.
  2. Super Bowl parties are expected to cost $14.6 billion. The average cost of attending a Super Bowl party in 2022 will be about $79 per person, up from $74.55 in 2021. In other words, assuming 2022 cost forecasts are true, Super Bowl parties will be 5.9 percent more expensive this year. Another sign that inflation has not subsided.
  3. Individuals cited numerous reasons for wanting to watch the 2022 Super Bowl, with 40% of Americans tuning in “for the love of the game;” 21% stating they want to watch or listen to the commercials; and 18% listing the halftime show as their reason for watching. Socializing with friends and family were the next two most popular reasons for watching the Super Bowl.
  4. Of the $14.6 billion to be spent on Super Bowl LVI gatherings and related items, one or more of the following purchases were most popular with the surveyed. Fully 79% of the money will be spent on food and beverages; 11% on game apparel; 9% on new televisions (a Super Bowl game is one of the most important reasons why Americans purchase a new television annually), with 8% spent on decorations and 5% spent on new furniture.
  5. According to Statista, the most expensive Super Bowl parties over the last decade prior to 2022 were 2013 at $82.30, 2015 at $89.05, 2016 at $82.19 and 2020 at $88.65.
  6. The super bowl is broadcast to 185 countries in seven languages and attracts an additional 800 million listeners and viewers around the world. As popular as the Super Bowl is in the United States, it is estimated that the World Cup Soccer Championship game, held once every four years, attracts somewhere between 1.5-2.5 billion people globally.
  7. In addition, 31.4 million people are estimated to gamble on the Super Bowl this year, spending $7.6 billion in casinos and across living room tables.

Whether you are in a casino, a living room, a sports bar, or have the means to go to Los Angeles, inflation will assure that we will spend far more to watch Super Bowl LVI.

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