NATO's succinct response to Biden's Ukrainian belligerence

As Joe Biden continues to plunge Ukraine into the abyss, the country is facing an existential crisis. The European Union and now NATO have issued comments calling out Joe Biden's veneer as he continues his warmongering. On Sunday, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg indicated that if Russia invades Ukraine, the Western military alliance has no plans to deploy soldiers there.

According to Western media, Vladimir Putin is the wrong guy to lead Russia. As a result, anti-Moscow propaganda is prevalent in the Western media on the topic. In other words, Putin may be planning a shark-on-shark strike on Ukraine. However, the truth is rather different. Putin is adamant about not sending troops into Ukraine. In the end, all he cares about is preserving Russian influence in Eastern Europe.

NATO denies deploying any troops to Ukraine

The Russian president does not want NATO to expand eastward and into Georgia and Ukraine. Putin will not exacerbate tensions if the US commits to this much. Many nations in Europe know the reality, despite the Biden administration's best efforts to convince you otherwise. Even NATO has come out in open opposition of Joe Biden's agenda, and this is why the European Union isn't responding to the warmongering.

Stoltenberg was asked on BBC Television whether he would rule out dispatching NATO soldiers in Ukraine if Russia invaded. "We have no intentions to deploy NATO combat forces to Ukraine," he answered. Our main goal is to assist you." NATO membership does not automatically translate into Ukraine's status as an important and valued ally in the alliance. That much is certain."

Not only that, but France, a key member of the EU and NATO, has also rejected that Russia poses an immediate danger. Jean-Yves Le Drian, France's foreign minister, told France 2 Television on Wednesday that there are no signs that Russia is ready to take action in Ukraine.

The Russia obsession of Joe Biden

When Gorbachev's goals were quietly transformed into Gorbachev's fun-loving club, Russians trusted the West to provide economic help, political support, and the most important admission into a larger European security environment in return. As the old Iron Curtain grew closer to Moscow, people were poor and lonely. The ability to put one's faith in another country is critical in international relations. Intangible and unquantifiable, its power to bridge apparently insurmountable barriers is undiminished by distance. Joe Biden, on the other hand, is no longer interested in improving relations with Russia in order to devote his attention completely on China.

Vladimir Putin, on the other hand, is no rookie. He's aware of Biden's plans for Eastern and Central Europe, as well as the manner in which the United States is considering methods to move NATO assets and military systems all the way up to Russia's border. Because of this, Russia is keeping a close watch on Ukraine. Having Russian forces on the Ukraine's borders has sparked a situation that was last experienced in 2014, when Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine.

No matter what Joe Biden does to incite fear among European countries, they remain stubbornly unmoved. Now that NATO has made its stance clear, Joe Biden will be on his own with his bellicose rhetoric.

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