Is China intending to poison international competitors during the Winter Olympics in Beijing?

Previously, it was rats and dogs from China's dirty alleys that made your stomach sick (even if just going by the mere thought of consuming it). The baton has now been transferred to plastic, lead, and other prohibited medicines in food manufacturing. That's how depressingly grey China is.

Prior to the winter Olympics, information of the Chinese food crisis spread, and countries from all corners have now cautioned their respective athletes to be cautious enough not to ingest any meat products from mainland China.


Amid growing worries about unsanitary food manufacturing in China, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has advised athletes to "only dine at venues granted the all-clear by event organizers" and to "exercise great vigilance."

WADA's warning is significant since there are instances of sportsmen being prosecuted in China for illegal substances after ingesting meat products purportedly contaminated with contaminating medicines.

The danger relies not solely on contamination but also on the injection of Clenbuterol in meat products, widely known as lean meat extract. It is a meat powder commonly fed to pigs helping produce pinker meats and eventually cons consumers to believe in buying fresher pork than it is.

Despite drowning in prohibited chemicals, the Beijing market supervision administration has discovered a range of dangerous ingredients in food goods, including deadly pesticides that Chinese farmers frequently put to fruits and vegetables to boost development. A shocker of a  video also has emerged showing farmers adding Sulphur dioxide to pools with beans sprouts to make them look whiter and fresher.

Thrown into the mix as a result of rising doping cases among athletes, the US anti-doping agency wasted no time in issuing warnings about poor food choices and advising the team to only consume meat from reputable sources such as the Athletes Village and to never saunter in search of foods in China's dangerous streets.

Even CCP distances itself from Chinese food

When further troubling information about China's treatment of athletes with dangerous food items emerges on news websites, it shocks the hell out of anyone who is unaware that the CCP's highest leaders eat food that meets stringent safety and nutritional criteria, unlike the rest of us.

Back in 2005, the CCP constructed a food supply center especially for the party's 96 senior leaders, where meals should match stringent nutritional requirements and be free of any chemicals, additions, or preservatives.

Following the July 2018 Shanghai Cooperation Summit, an essay appeared on the prominent Chinese social media platform WeChat, putting the onus on the CCP to eradicate harmful food for its citizens. The news struck a nerve with the people, and as a result, the item was promptly removed by the authorities within a few days.

Beijing Winter Olympics is the CCP's favored project, and the party will go to any length to disprove the charge leveled against them. Aside from the bleak appraisal of the CCP mouthpiece, Beijing remains unclogged at this time. The global media is wailing over the "anti-China" forces at work. The most significant scenario of all is the authorities' selection of a nation with a failing human rights record and a history of diplomatic boycotts to host the famed winter Olympics. You'd never guess!

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