5 Things to Know About 'You' Season 3 Star Dylan Arnold

Dylan Arnold didn't only capture Love's attention during his time as Theo Engler on season 3 of 'You' — get to know the scene-stealing actor

Leaving an impression. Although Theo Engler’s relationship with Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) was doomed from the start, Dylan Arnold was glad to join the one of a kind journey.

“Well, I feel like as an actor, especially when you’re starting out, you take the auditions. And You is one of those shows that is just so well done and so well-executed and so well-written that it feels like a great opportunity every time it comes around,” Arnold told Teen Vogue in October 2021. “But of course, you never know, so you’ve just gotta do the work and let it go. But I feel like it’s a show that delivers every time, so of course I’d want to be part of it.”

Theo was initially described as a season 3 character who was troubled due to his strained relationship with his stepfather (played by Scott Speedman). For Arnold, that disconnect was a big reason why Theo and Love formed a connection as soon as they met.

“I think for Theo, his family life is not very stable, he doesn’t really have a support system,” he noted to Teen Vogue. “There’s this really interesting balance between him seeing her as a support system and in a weird way, almost a mother figure, but not totally like that, of course. He’s trying to find someone that he can love, and that can love him back.”

Although the duo have a strong bond after Love moves to town with her husband, Joe (Penn Badgley), and their son, that doesn’t last long. Towards the end of the season, Theo gets more desperate to find a happily ever after with Love that just isn’t meant to me.

“I think he’s blinded by love, in more ways than one. He’s so head over heels that he found this person he really connects with,” Arnold added. “It almost feels like toward the end a little like Romeo and Juliet, where’s he swept up in this romantic idea of running away together and saving her. He’s desperate for connection, desperate to find some comfort, stability.”

Season 3 builds up to a standoff between Love and Joe that ends with Love dead at the hands of her husband. Even though season 4 will continue to follow Joe’s story as he runs away to Paris, Arnold reflected on where he saw his character going which includes “a lot of therapy.”

“I think it’s definitely going to be hard for him to trust anyone to love again after that whole debacle,” the After We Collided star shared. “I definitely thought about, it could be interesting if he goes and tries to avenge her. He’ll probably try to move on with his life and figure out how to be happy after all of that.”

Scroll down for everything to know about Arnold after his breakout performance in You season 3:

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